New Year, 2001

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From a letter to a friend living in New York City, written on New Year’s Day, 2001.

It’s New Year’s Day. Happy New Year, pal. Last night I sat down at my desk with the Bible and read Revelation. I think the Babylon John talks about is New York. The false idols, spices, fine linens, mountains, and money burn up and smolder forever and ever, amen. And woe to the merchants and fornicators who were seduced by the whore that is Babylon. I wish I could tell you to get out of there. But it’s not my place. . . .

Wormwood. A third of the water will become wormwood. Men will drink it. It will be foul, and a third of men will die. I read somewhere that “Chernobyl” means “wormwood.” Don’t know if that’s accurate. . . . Then the fire. Then the flood. New York is going to reek of death for centuries. Get out. . . unless you’re sure of things. That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Only if these predictions are wrong. Have I reached the point of babbling? Are you waiting for death to happen to you? Are you trying to kill yourself?

It’s all around me. The scent of destruction. People are just begging for it.



  1. globatron
    May 28, 2010

    I hope we are wrong. I really hope Revelations was/is wrong. It seems so prophetic at times though it is indeed very ominous.

    One thing I wonder about humanity is if we are administering our destruction because of these prophesies.

    If we had prophecies that said we lived in peace forever and found a way to live in harmony with the land would that become true? It seems we are headed for our destruction but it all seems to be so avoidable and brought on by our senseless greed and desire for it to end. I’m not sure why we are so invested in this idea of the end times. I really believe if we spoke of peace and harmony as much as we spoke of war we would be solve our energy problems much quicker.

  2. Akbar Lightning
    May 28, 2010

    i’m certain the confirmation bias is partly at work here, but that is a minor thing…more a way of saying Wow, can’t believe you wrote this 9 months before the towers fell…i’m right about the dates right?

    powerfully written, but more powerful in its prescience…

    as far as prophecies go…i’ve been thinking a lot about this…

    in fact, i’ve had an idea to begin posting curses just like moses did against the egyptians…i’m still not sure about the idea, but i’ve been thinking about it…as a means of opening up to divine power…i know this sounds ridiculous, and part of it is just that, the ridiculousness of our time….

    i started reading Brothers Karamazov, and wow, my first time reading Dostoevsky, he’s the real deal holy-field…and in one of his first chapters he goes into this whole discussion about how realism, if conjoined with faith, demands a belief in the miraculous…it’s hard to present thoroughly, but the idea was that belief in the miraculous necessarily precedes the experience, not the other way around…

    i don’t know where i’m going with this…don’t really want to know, i just want to swim in this pool, this oceanic awareness of revelatory potential…

  3. Logocentric
    May 28, 2010

    it is possible, G, that we are somehow manifesting the events around us with our thoughts–aided, i’d argue, by the massive doses of anxiety administered by the information machine in which we live. however, the prophecies we’re talking about are of course much older than television, radio, the printing press, and the internet. who knows where they come from or why they seem so gloomy. it’s an important thing to consider.

    AL: you are correct about the dates. i have checked and rechecked the dates about twenty times. this is actually a letter from my alter-ego to yours, but i don’t think it was ever sent, because i thought it was just too ridiculous and that you’d really worry about me. there was also a small part of me that thought you might take it seriously. and here it is, in my hands, dated and arranged chronologically in a thick folder of handwritten journal entries and letters. i’d forgotten about it until recently, and given some of our adventures prior to and following this letter, i no longer fear that you think i’m making it up.

    oddly enough, there is more.

    i’ll have to revisit Dostoevsky.

  4. Greg
    May 28, 2010

    You guys realise that the book of revelations has been interpreted countless times and the vagueness that is within the text could be applied to a number of scenarios. I concured that you can draw similarities to that and New York. The same could be said about Dubai, Los Angles, and a number of other cities. In pure factual terms I believe Dubai probably has more wealth than NYC.

    All I am saying is sometimes we can over analyze things to the point of missing the intended original message. I really do not believe the world is going to end, at least anytime soon. Man has an amazing resilience to survive and adapt to just about whatever you throw at him.

    I am curious though why it is always blamed or labeled as greed being the catalyst for these things. I would say coveting is more dangerous than greed, greed itself is not a bad thing. It is what drives us to achieve and better ourselves so we can produce more/earn more.

    It was greed that drove the original immigrants to this country, greedily looking for relieve of oppressive religious monoarchies that dictated religion. Taxation was also a driving factor for seeking out a new home to call our own. Greed can be a positive thing, it motivates us to psuh harder and exceed our own limitations.

    Hopefully someday this stereotype of all greed is evil will be overcome, I have no idea where the line is but I know simply labeling greed as bad is wrong. That is almost like blaming the gun for killing someone. Guns don’t kill people, people aiming the gun at someone and firing kills people. Does not make the gun bad. It makes the person weilding the gun bad.

    I await the firestorm of slammage coming my way. But hey it is Friday and nothing can spoil my good mood.

  5. logocentric
    May 28, 2010

    i think you might be having a different conversation from the rest of us, Greg; or else, you may have missed the point of the post. the literal interpretation of Revelation is not really important here–not as notable as the fact that somehow some of us were discussing events that were coming to a head, months and even years prior to sept. 11. that Revelation was read is probably not as interesting (at least not for me) as the notion that while reading it, a specific location and sense of urgency came to mind.

    on the other hand, what you may be implying is right: there is no rational basis for seeing this as an accurate prediction of anything. taken by itself, i would agree. however, there was a confluence of events and ideas that was taking place at that point in my life–and i am sure they were in the lives of my closest friends as well–that pointed in the direction of calamity and fear. i don’t expect you to be aware of this; i suppose that if i am going to post such things, i need to be more comprehensive with context. so thanks for pushing me in that direction.

    it’s a very long story, with many pieces–and i think that it turns out to be a very personal one, though part of my quest in sharing such things is to find out whether anyone else had similar experiences prior to the event (i know the feelings and thoughts that make me reluctant to talk about it, and i imagine it is hard to speak up, especially if you don’t have the supportive kind of social environment that i am lucky to have).

    anyway, just to provide a couple of examples: a day or so after finishing this letter, i wrote a rough sketch for a story idea. the story began with me walking up to the ruins of the world trade center after a catastrophic event. another example that provides context for this conversation is that i was living in manhattan on sept 11 and watched the towers burn and fall. so was my friend, to whom the above letter was written. early in the morning before the hijackings and crashes, i had a dream in which i saw the events unfold and experienced them–again, hours before anything happened. the friend, the intended recipient of this letter, was my roommate, and i am glad he listened to me that morning as i told him about the dream. he is the only person who can absolutely verify the timing of that dream and its description.

    so again, this is a personal experience. but i am putting it out there–mostly out of curiosity, in case it would make it easier for other people to share similar experiences.

  6. globatron
    May 28, 2010

    Logocentric, thanks for sharing more detail about this. As you know I left Brooklyn the day before 911. I had a very close group of friends who was very concerned with why I was leaving NY during a very young seemingly successful time in my life.

    I quoted to them over and over again.

    NY is a ticking time bomb. The muslim extremist hate us and it is just a matter of time before this place blows up.

    The next day I woke up in Jacksonville, FL after driving through the night with a moving van. I was awoken by my brother who called me on the phone so I could watch the towers fall on T.V. So I feel you and did not have dreams but spoke of a tragedy for two weeks before it happened.

    Thanks for sharing more about your experience. I’m so sorry you guys had to be there when it happened.

    My story of the destruction that happened was based on a gut feeling only and my reading of newspapers mainly. There was no dream that I was aware of. Wow. truly amazing to share these premonitions.

  7. Greg
    May 28, 2010

    Perhaps some clairvoyance going on, I am definately a believer of the phenomenon of premonitions. Had a few myself. While I did not forsee the events of 9/11 I did suspect it was a matter of time before someone was able to strike on our soil. I also firmly believe that it will happen again, and soon.

    For good portion of my life I lived with lots of fear. Finally my mother taught me something I hold to this day. Fear is pretty useless if you allow it to control you. Remember this.

    False Evidence Appearing Real.

    It really is true.

  8. Akbar Lightning
    May 28, 2010

    first of all, i verify all that has been said by logocentric as true, and therefore worthy of deep analysis..

    greg, you are stretching the use of the word ‘greed’ far beyond reasonable definition…what you are really trying to do is defend ‘self-interest’ as a virtue…and this has its own history…but i argue that although some self-interest is necessary and good, that all things can get out of balance…you are arguing for this imbalance and frankly, that makes you kind of stubborn…because as you will see below, greed is coveting. wanting what others have…

    excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions.

    O.E. grædig “voracious,” also “covetous,” from P.Gmc. *grædagaz (cf. O.S. gradag, O.N. graðr “greed, hunger”), from base *græduz (cf. Goth. gredus “hunger,” O.E. grædum “eagerly”), cognate with Skt. grdh “to be greedy.” In Gk., the word was philargyros, lit. “money-loving.” A German word for it is habsüchtig, from haben “to have” + sucht “sickness, disease,” with sense tending toward “passion for.”

  9. logocentric
    May 28, 2010

    wow, g-tron! i didn’t know about your premonition and the timing of your move back to Jax. that’s really amazing. craziness. i do feel relieved after reading that. i get a sense of the collaborative potential here–some of the mysterious similarities we all share.

  10. Greg
    May 28, 2010

    Yeah Akbar I am stubborn, I prefer to call it resolute in my opinions. And yes I believe the word greed is thrown around far too much and demonizes anyone by association who wishes to achieve be exceptionally successful. Even if that means money and possessions. I find it the trend of putting the people and companies they work for in the “bad” catagory because they are successful. I will agree to disagree on this. You might consider it wrong, you can post the definition, I say the word and thus definition is unfairly applied in this case.

  11. globatron
    May 28, 2010

    L, I thought I told you that story. Sorry for not doing so. I guess I thought if I didn’t that Akbar might have shared it with you.

    I could go on but that’s the story. Not much more to it. It just hit me in the gut to get out of Brooklyn and I warned anyone who would listen while preparing for my exit.

    Your dreams and story seem much more vivid. I’d like to learn more if you feel like sharing.

  12. logocentric
    May 29, 2010

    G-tron: after thinking about it a bit more, i do have a vague memory of you telling me about your premonition and your move; i may have gotten the chronology mixed up. i think that for a long time, i was caught up in the idea that my experience was unique, because it seemed so improbable to me, and probably because i wanted to believe that i had a special role in describing that event. it was a very self-centered perspective that, for the most part, i no longer hold. now i see it differently. upon reflection, this suggests to me that, at least among those of us with personal bonds, and especially those of us who had a connection to the City around that time, there was something very palpable and defining about those days leading up to the event–and i do consider that event a defining moment in my life.

    i am often bothered by the assumption–by what appears to be the prevailing attitude–that the events of that day are a closed case, waiting perhaps to be parsed out by specialists in history ages from now, but which in our time are nonetheless a set of un-debated facts on which our current realities rely. in bringing this up, i understand that i risk being called all sorts of names, that i risk being labeled irrational, conspiracy-minded, unpatriotic, occultist, and the rest of it; and i accept these risks. what is more important to me at this point–and i am very curious about the opinions of our regular contributors and readers on this topic–is that we allow ourselves to deeply re-evaluate, without fearing the barbs and dangerously reactionary, unexamined attitudes of our contemporaries, the very personal experiences of this period. if there were a way to chronicle those experiences, and if i could take part in that process, i would feel that my time was not spent in vain. i am serious about this; and i hope you know this by now. how to go about this, i’m not sure. but the problem of process, of communicating about this in a genuinely productive way, is the problem i assert in this forum–a place which i have come to respect and admire as a fortress that protects free thought and expression in a world that increasingly denies us those rights.


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