Father Mapple’s Life Lessons…#1

The strength of a relationship is discovered in the exploration and dismantling of obstacles to shared purpose…

If you would like to learn more about this, read the wave that is growing over at GU, and see how Akbar and Globatron found some solutions to our existential crisis….

This post was brought to you by our sponsor The Documentary Who Owns You?

Who Owns You? – A Documentary – Trailer from Taylor Roesch on Vimeo.


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  1. universaltron
    August 17, 2010

    genes. wow. read an article today in Sports Illustrated. They are trying to find the genes that are responsible for making the best athlete. What a trip. A mind bending article. Many gaps in the research but they have targeted 23 genes that are responsible for the best athletic human machine. 23. i found that great as always. imagine if they too were patented.

    i can’t imagine putting a patent on one of those genes. this surely will become illegal. looks like a definite must see. this would be like putting a patent on oxygen i would think.


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