The Redwoods

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What about their minds
Will they be intact
When the cure is found
Will their brains be resurrected
As disease has unconnected
Memories that were once there

What about their lives
That were taken so quickly
Because science did not act
Because prayers did not exact
The miracle we so desire

This temple of human consciousness
This church of love and dignity
Dies a little more each day
Do we hold government accountable
Hold trials for the budget keepers

Demand cures instead of wars
How much time will be wasted

We are seeing them fall all around us
Like the Giant Redwoods
Noble and stoic
Wild stallions of accomplishment

So many degrees and awards
So many adventures and losses
Their caregivers’ lives put on hold
The lifting of the living
Out of chairs, up and down stairs

What do we do when these great trees fall
Will they make a sound
Can we be there to hear them all


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