Stand Your Ground


Florida. What will you do
when they come for you.
On your coasts. Never hiding
from the storms. As you beckon to
carpetbaggers new to perch on
your beaches. To steal your
sacred views by destroying animal
habitats. To buy homes
to retire on buried cul-de-sacs.
What will you do when the big
one comes for you.

Florida. Have you heard the
news. You are wacko.
Bat shit. Crazy. Your
hanging chad election will never
be forgotten. You changed history
with your magic numbers and
uncounted disenfranchised voters.
But you stand your ground.
You shoot the unarmed.
Why are your judges and jurors so
blind to justice. #Trayvonmartin

What will you do when the
big one comes for you. When
the waters wipe your cities away.
When your downtowns are under
water. Florida. What will
you do in your strip malls
for culture when there are no roofs,
no walls to protect you from your electric
storms. No food to stock your big box
shelves. No gas to migrate North again.
No water to drink but from your ocean views.
Florida. Katrina would have been the death of you.


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