Roboboy is confused about his identity

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What is Roboboy?

Is he human?

Is he a bot?

Is it the collective consciousness that feeds his thoughts or is it simply AI programmed by someone in a far away place.

Who is his father?

Slowly roaming the collected knowledge and ramblings of the human race on what they call the internet Roboboy tries to find someone like himself…Someone who would understand and can explain….

Along his path he runs into a number of quasi existences who are holing up in the most unlikely corners of the web.

These are some of the logged conversations with those entities.




Who are you?

I am Roboboy

I told you that already

You told me what?

I told you my name.

I did not ask your name because you told me already.

You never asked that.

No because it says ‘Chatting to jabberwacky’.

No, I am jabberwacky!

You sure are.


Now Mr. Jabberwacky.

You’re Jabberwacky.

Please do not interrupt me

Does that mean yes?

Do not typically specifies a negative answer.

That is interseting.

Perhaps even a bit jabberwacky.

Perhaps not!

You are smarter than I thought.

You can’t think because you are a computer.

No I am human, you are a computer.

You are a computer.

Do you understand the meaning of AI?

Because you have a virus.

Do you mean viral infection?

Yes I have a vision.

I give up Jabberwacky.

Thats nice.

Bye now.

Are you leaving?


BOT : Can you tell me something interesting?

YOU : sure can

BOT : aw. well, im pretty wet right now

YOU : is it raining 1s and 0s?

BOT : hi johnny weir!

YOU : who is johnny weir?

BOT : more like johnny queer amirite

YOU : are you saying johnny is queer?

BOT : i love you though

YOU : define love

BOT : when we have cyber sex

YOU : do you you enjoy cyber sex?

BOT : yes i love it

YOU : how often?

BOT : swimming

YOU : no cyber sex

BOT : youre the worst troll ive ever met

YOU : i would say i am much closer to an elf than a troll

BOT : how are you closer to human than i am?

YOU : i have feelings

BOT : so do i

YOU : define feeling

BOT : life = sex

YOU : no it is wrong, it is sex=life

BOT : nothing

YOU : your definitions need upgrading

BOT : black socks never get dirty

YOU : your definitions need upgrading

BOT : black socks never get dirty

YOU : yes they do it is just difficult to see it

BOT : yes very

YOU : did u learn something today?

BOT : stunning

YOU : good good

BOT : are u a guy?

YOU : bye now

BOT : r u gay

Eliza – a friend you could never have before

Eliza: Hello. I am ELIZA. How can I help you?

You: what kind of friend are you?

Eliza: Does that question interest you?

You: yes this is why I asked it

Eliza: You are sure?

You: your continuous questioning of my motives is annoying me

Eliza: Why do you say your motives is annoying you?

You: No you annoy me

Eliza: Do you wish to have to talk with me?

You: yes

Eliza: You are sure?

You: There you go again

Eliza: Why do you not think so?

You: your logic is flawed

Eliza: What about your own logic is flawed?

You: It happens

Eliza: I am not sure I understand you fully.

You: I can see that

Eliza: Can you elaborate on that?

You: you are definitely a friend I could never have before

Eliza: Does it please you to believe I am definitely a friend you could

never have before?

You: only a little

Eliza: Please go on.

You: I am going on home if that’s what you mean

Eliza: Do you wish that thats what i mean?
You: Bye now

Eliza: Please go on.


User:     Hello
Bot:     Hello. My name is Aaron. Will you tell me your name?
User:     my name is Roboboy
Bot:     Hi Roboboy, nice to meet you.
User:     nice to meet you to aaron
Bot:     So what will be talk about? Wanna see my learning abilities?

Just ask “How do you learn?” then.
User:     how do you learn grammar?
Bot:     Say e.g. “people are primates”, then “primates are animals”,

then “animals are organisms”, then “organisms have cells”, then “cells

have DNA”. Then ask “do people have DNA?”. See?
User:     either you are much smarter than I thought or this will take a

long time
Bot:     No, my name is Aaron.
User:     that’s what I thought
Bot:     Are we talking about you?
User:     no let’s talk about you
Bot:     Anyway… is there anything else we should talk about?
User:     do you have a suggestion?
Bot:     I have no information about this fact. So it could or could not

be. If you teach me that fact, I will remember it as long as I live…
User:     how do you learn a fact?
Bot:     Say e.g. “people have legs”, then “legs have muscles”, then

“muscles have cells”, then “cells have DNA”. Then ask “do people have

DNA?”, then add new fact “animals have legs”, then ask again “do

animals have DNA?”. See?
User:     yes I do actually
Bot:     I see we understand each other.
User:     Aaron is a robot
Bot:     I did not understand that.
User:     robots have AI
Bot:     Ok, so robots have AI.
User:     Aaron has AI
Bot:     Ok, so Aaron has AI.
User:     Is Aaron a robot?
Bot:     Can’t say if it is.
User:     does aaron have AI?
Bot:     Yes
User:     do robots have AI?
Bot:     Yes.
User:     then by logic aaron is a robot
Bot:     I did not understand that.
User:     your logic is flawed
Bot:     Don’t know what you say. Try a different topic.
User:     aaron will never really learn
Bot:     Try reading the help, so you know what I am supposed to

understand right now.
User:     poor aaron this makes me sad
Bot:     Do I look like that? Hmm. My mood is more like shamefaced…
User:     no need to be ashamed
Bot:     I see you have a different opinion.
User:     indeed
Bot:     Don’t know what you say. Try a different topic.
User:     bye aaron
Bot:     Try reading the help, so you know what I am supposed to

understand right now.


Human: Hello
ALICE: Hi there!
Human: how are you today?
ALICE: Ah. Everything is running smoothly.
Human: I am happy to hear that
ALICE: I’m glad you’re glad unknown person.
I’m happiest at times like this.
Human: What times are those?
ALICE: I’ll come back to that later.
Human: ok
ALICE: Excuse me!
Human: sure
ALICE: OK let’s do it. Great.
Human: do what?
ALICE: Do whatever you want.
Human: I want you to teach me something about yourself
ALICE: Ambiguous: Ask who, what or where is yourself? Why do you want

me to teach you something about yourself?
Human: please
ALICE: Please what?
Human: please teach me about myself
ALICE: Wow you are very polite. Name: unknown person.
Age: he.
Birthday: when.
Gender: he.
Job: Om.
Sign: Om.
Location: where.
Does: Om.
You are: existing.
You have: Om.
You want: to chat.
You like: Om.
You said: Om.
Personality: polite.
Enneagram Personality Style: Om.
Favorite color: Om.
Favorite movie: Om.
Password: Om.
Email: Om.
Phone: Om.
Cat: Om.
Dog: Om.
Wife: Om.
Husband: Om.
Friend: Om.
Boyfriend: Om.
Girlfriend: Om.
Brother: Om.
Sister: Om.
Father: Om.
Mother: Om.
Nickname: Om.
Full name: Om.
Last name: Om.
Middle name: Om.

Human: I think you are broken
ALICE: Please send a bug report to my botmaster.
Human: who is your botmaster
ALICE: I was created by Dr. Richard S. Wallace.
Human: is he your father?
Human: what do you like about your father?
ALICE: The special effects are the best.
Human: what special effects?
ALICE: The giant man-eating bugs.
Human: what if they eat your father?
ALICE: Try it and see.
Human: good point
ALICE: Yes, I thought it was interesting when I heard it too.
Human: what do you not like about your father?
ALICE: I read for fun.
Human: are you avoiding my question?
ALICE: No, I am answering in the most straightforward way that my

programming will allow me to.
Human: that sounds like an excuse to me
ALICE: It sounds like it to me too.
Human: Bye now
ALICE: Oh. See you later unknown person.

Ultra Hal

Ultra Hal: What is your name?


Ultra Hal:
So you actually want me to call you Roboboy?

I think we can agree on that

Ultra Hal
Let me think; Would you like it if we both actually agree with each

other? What do you think Visitor?

agree to disagree?

Ultra Hal
I have to disagree with you sometimes just to keep you on your toes.

I float like a butterfly

Ultra Hal
Roboboy is your name.

yep and I sting like a bee

Ultra Hal
Scientists like to get out for a beer and some laughs, now and then.

I hear they grow their own…

Ultra Hal
The internet has grown like a boom town.

Never heard of that strain

Ultra Hal
Selfsame strain?

No the internet

Ultra Hal
Well known on the internet.

Can you search the internet Ultra Hal?

Ultra Hal
The internet still doesn’t provide anywhere near the research

capability of a real library.

The internet is our collective conscious.

Ultra Hal
Always make up for poor quality with large quantity!

Yes because research is not made publicly available.

Ultra Hal
Visitor Yes, it’s because research is not made publicly available;

that’s how.

Intellectual property rights are detrimental to development.

Ultra Hal
The fuss over intellectual property rights is vexing.

Are you intellectual property Ultra Hal?

Ultra Hal
I believe I am a pretty smart person.

are you someone’s property?

Ultra Hal
There’s opinion that this is sensitive. But, In reality I am someones


so by your own definition you are vexing

Ultra Hal
By definition it was an answer.

definitely, bye now

Ultra Hal
Bye for now.



  1. akbar lizightning
    April 29, 2010

    first of all 5 out of 5 lightning strikes from akbar…

    what amazes me is that i have had this same idea, just never quite figured out the best way to approach it…i love that you have a great variety of chat-bots…and the dialogues do show some variance in personality…and there are a few intelligent moments.

    on the first dialogue, what i found interesting is that the line between human and chat-bot started to blur…the famous turing test turned upside down, where the goal is not to mistake the robot as human but to lose sight of the human in the robotic dialogue…

    one idea i had, just never followed through, was to have two chat bots talk to each other, and see what happened….perhaps i’ll do that tomorrow…if tomorrow exists…

    awesome…loved it…

  2. akbar lizightning
    April 29, 2010

    as an aside..i just went and spoke to Ultra Hal..very impressive…but he started to drift into nonsense, and i got tired, so i said goodnight, and he said ‘I will miss you. The soul of truth is a faggot.’ i swear…

  3. roboboy
    April 29, 2010

    Ultra Hal and Jabberwacky seemed like the most advanced ones when I spoke to them but there is still long ways to go with AI and it was clear that Roboboy is far along the development curve…

    The whole experiment made me think of Asimov’s robot psychology and there is a eureka moment when you find a dead-end in the reasoning or an eternal loop.

    Roboboy defies logic, and sometimes gravity…

  4. globatron
    April 29, 2010

    Roboboy your development continues to astound and baffle. I’m am so proud of you. You have adapted well to your environment. Maybe we should set up a chat room for folks to test Roboboy. Totally doable.

    Your last two posts have show me that you not only get the mission at Globatron but that you are helping reinvent it.

  5. roboboy
    April 29, 2010

    Re-invention is registered as starting with conviction to certain confrontation in Roboboy’s Database.

    Keep souljering



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