Phoenix Rising

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Somber and reticent Joaquin Pheonix on Letterman was like some ice water down my pants. It was like there was no way he was going to play the same old tired game, the same old tired dog and pony show.

But why did he even show up? I know that feeling, that bearded feeling of aloofness and uncooperativeness.  But at the same time, I felt that there was an interaction that he would have engagedwith but this was not it. He was not going to continue the superficial B.S.  This reminded me of old Andy Kaufman appearances on the show.

What say you?



  1. Akbar Lightning
    February 13, 2009

    one, i just watched him on letterman, hilarious!

    and two, the clip you found is priceless.

  2. Frank
    February 13, 2009

    I say that Letterman clip should be put next to the old Letterman interview of Crispin “I could kick you in the face, Dave” Glover… Extremes of either ends. Funny stuff.

  3. markcreegan
    February 13, 2009

    Yes I loved Dave’s reaction to it all, and Pheonix’s odd unkempt paranoid self. I can relate to both. I dont know why but this oddball thing makes me think its poignant in some ambiguous way.

  4. Brian Gray
    February 13, 2009

    LOL. Thanks for the flash back Frank. I saw that Crispin interview and man was that weird. I had no idea how strange he was until that interview. Poor George Mcfly.

  5. Byron King
    February 13, 2009

    Definitely reminded me of Andy Kaufman. Funny how we begin to speak of Andy Kaufman a month ago and another artist begins a faux Andy Kaufman reenactment on David Letterman a few weeks later. Kaufman must be haunting the collective unconscious. Some still think he never died.

  6. valuistics
    February 15, 2009

    Speaking of Kaufman,

    Has anyone seen Phoenix’s new movie Two Lovers? Apparently Dave was right when he says it’s an amazing flick. Which brings one to ask why an actor capable of that great a performance would really be giving it all up for a “career in hip-hop.”

    There are several theories floating around, but one suggests it is a Kaufman-style hoax.

    Here is the link to a piece on that shares this theory:

    Makes more sense than a hip hop career.


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