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All of Jacksonville, and the surrounding area….this is a news bulletin.

The American media has recently informed me of a news happening and because Jacksonville is so close to the Georgia border I would recommend fleeing Jacksonville as quickly as possible. Everyone should flee to at least New Orleans. As odd as it seems for us to go to New Orleans in a time of danger I would hope you are already out of the area. Russia has taken over parts of Georgia in efforts to bring an unknown region of Georgia under it’s control.

I have always wondered why Georgia has had cheaper gas prices for years. Now it all makes sense. Georgia is somehow part of an oil pipeline that goes through the middle east. As I see it, the pipeline actually goes right through the center of the earth or under the ocean, but it somehow helps the West receive the oil that we need to keep our oil hungry empire a float.

There has been a cease fire as of late, but Russian tanks have recently been seen in southern parts of Georgia close to the Jacksonville boarder. If you know what’s good for you please refrain from going across the boarder to fill your gas tanks on Georgia’s cheaper gas prices. All city officials are recommending as quickly an evacuation as possible. I-10 or 95 South are the choice routes in order to secure your retreat.



  1. markcreegan
    August 16, 2008

    this is bad…really bad! I am housing about 50 Georgian refugees as we speak!

    Al kidding aside, all my thoughts and good vibes go out to those suffering over there!

  2. contributor
    August 16, 2008

    True dat. I don’t know who to trust on this one. Similar to many issues but it seems this situation is far more complex than the big bad Russian’s wanting to get their angry bear back.

    I really wish our political leaders would tread lighter. I think the last thing we need right now is another leader who is willing to say whatever he wants whenever he wants because he’s a cowboy.

    It’s interesting seeing what role France is having in this situation as the leader of NATO right now.

    It is a shame civilians have been killed in the process. It’s interesting how oil has a lot to do with the decision making of almost all policy.

    I wonder if Georgia will turn out for this years Florida, Georgia game. It is the biggest cocktail party on earth. It would seem they need a cocktail right about now and it’s a shame if this situation with Russia puts a damper on the game.

  3. Jerry Cullum
    August 18, 2008

    Britain’s Sky News, on its In Depth page on Georgia, at first had the Wikipedia entry for the State of Georgia (“one of the thirteen original colonies”), then it had photographs from Britain’s Antarctic dependency of South Georgia, and after correcting both of those had a link regarding the plans for defense on the football team for the high school in Statesboro.

  4. globatron
    August 18, 2008

    That’s hilarious Jerry. That just adds to the comedy of the whole thing. Not that people getting murdered is funny or big bad Russia taking over a democratic country but the comedy of how McCain has reacted to me is just perfect to the reaction of Britain’s Sky News.

    It’s like the movie Wag the Dog all over again. Who cares about the war were are already fighting. We’ll keep those soldiers over there till hell freezes over. And you must absolutely believe in hell if you are running for president. It goes on your resume.

    Who cares about the 12 billion dollars a month we are spending on that war and our imploding economy because when we drill off shore all of our problems will be solved.

    It’s good to see that it’s not just the U.S. that’s losing their mind though for sure. I think Britain might be losing brain cells due to them being our closest allies.


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