Conspiracy to Defraud

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The point has been made very clear and proven by those that dared to try,
to be students of the Constitution, denounce US birthright, travel to the Hague,
receive apostles of status as sovereign diplomats, become documented expatriates, jurisdiction undefined.

That we can unravel the straw-man, demand our legal rights, even play the game on their field,
create a bond and buy a life-we can be so right in their own terms, meet them head on prepared not to fight, not to stipulate away our freedoms, but to accept and for value return, follow the protocol, dot the i’s-many years and millions of dollars later-layers of defense, of documentation and glaring proof-

In the end, none of it matters, not to the Alphabet Soup Men that monitor our life. We were so smart, we figured it all out, master the administrative process, decode our master files.

To know the depths of the lie, the ultimate deception, of an experiment long ago failed, a declaration and a constitution, later on a bill of rights, from the Queen we never severed, the world bankers bought the rights, to the present and future labor, of generations yet unborn, at our first breath join the corporation,assign the number, sign the forms.

Create a straw man negate an individual, there is nothing you truly own. Deeds of title simply an illusion, of a stewardship and a bond, invisible money, multiply it, add some zeros, pass it along. Balance the ledger, take any measure, to collect green cash from the working man. To fill in that third column, but that was not enough alone, to feed the machine imploding around itself, hedge funds and high risk loans, ponzi schemes within the ponzi schemes, lifetimes of wealth reduced to dust, on a deserted fireplace mantle, of a home once brimming with life.

A nation of displaced homeowners, now what really matters in life. Tow the line, pay the mortgage, scold the kids, resent the wife, to pay the bills is all that matters, at least I own my home. I have equity against which I can borrow, to buy the things I can’t afford, so now every tenth house sits vacant, ghost town of dreams and lives, the love inside those walls is all that matters, what do we really need to survive. everything bought on credit, make the payments over time. Slowly sinking it devours us, predatory loans for predatory consumers, 401K plans gone overnight.

This is for those who tested the system, stood their ground and knew their rights.
Sacrifice of time and loved ones banished, on the run by dark of night, filing papers,
dodging police men, set out to prove for once that right, in proper format presented,
would expose the lie and turn the tables, a revolution not many would fight.

The depth of desolation, when reality with stinging bite, click the cuffs, lets go its over,
it will be years before you see light. All you had to do was pay the money,
we demanded it many times. Why did you have to buck the system, it has served us well this night.
Senior citizens, southern belles, at last we’ve captured- conspiracy to defraud the government, you were betrayed by those whose hand, you held and with love supported, in the midst of the dragons fight.

Though the outcome wasn’t planned for, positive thinking with all our might, what we dreaded most has happened, what a terrible waste it seems. But in vain you did not struggle, this lesson hard to
learn. Patriotism misappropriated, love of country, wrong and right, will the constitution save us, no it won’t it doesn’t mean shit, nor the apostle with gold anointed, not here on US soil, or soil where we have influence, our reach is far and wide. We will harass your young grandchildren, expose your deeds until we might, find one when threatened spineless, that we might entice to write, a detailed statement of your whereabouts, and they will lie when brought to light. But so will we, in grand jury indictments, and in plea agreements along the way, sign your name and be delivered, from the punishment dealt your comrades, but will you be able to sleep at night. If not we will prescribe you, drugs to keep you in a daze, to forget your deeds unholy, and with any luck you might, overdo it and crash your Yukon, Onstar can’t help you now, turning light into creeping shadows, returning love with fear and spite,

To the ones that sit in prison, no one is trying to help them now, everybody save their own asses,
guess that wasn’t a good idea after all. So much for truth and freedom, never committed, just playing along. Close down the hot-line, disband the brain trust, it will be forgotten before long. But not by everyone out here, you touched hearts and showed the light, in ways you may not realize, but that carry on to this day, so many truths to me imparted, these beautiful spirits locked away, in a cell in of a federal prison, you have paid a heavy price.

To prove that the lie is all encompassing, forget about it, live your life, stay under the radar, prepare your family, no one else will have your back. Acknowledge conspiracy, educate your children, don’t perpetuate the hate. You knew the risks, and yet you took them, and somehow along the way, you changed my life and gave me wisdom, our meeting necessary, information exchanged. More respect I could not give you, I live my life to elevate, the understanding that without your sacrifice, would still be tempered and vague, in my mind and of those I influence. Never forgotten, wisdom to build on, till we meet again one day.

Dedicated to J, my beautiful friend and mentor, 70 years old, incarcerated at Carswell Medical Facility of the Bureau of Prisons



  1. Byron King
    August 6, 2010

    What did your friend do to get incarcerated? It doesn’t take much these days.

    This definitely has a sadness to it. One I relate to on my levels.

    Thank you for sharing? I can hear you reading it. Powerful piece.

  2. crystl37
    August 6, 2010

    Thanks byron,my friend disagreed with a tax audit, pissed off an agent, and spent several years trying to rectify the situation, by using the administrative process and standing on what seemed to be a firm ground of constitutional rights and justice. Needless to say, of the 5 main people involved, they all told on each other, except for her. The rest all remain free, she is locked up for years. She held her ground, refused to say what they wanted her to, it makes me sick.

    One of the main characters in this story WAS like a mother to me, in my life since before I was born. She was the weak link it turned out, It is a hard pill to swallow, the realization that there is no where to turn for safety, and apparently no one you can truly trust, least of all the government-any government. We truly are powerless, but in that knowledge there is some kind of redemption, a point from which to detach. Thank god for brave souls like this woman, through her sacrifice the truth is undeniable. There are many just like her, locked away from loved ones and lives, we should all take a moment and remember these people, charged with conspiracy to defraud for a wide range of reasons, the statistics are frightening. The majority of cases in federal courts are for this charge, based on a title of federal regulations which was never passed into law at all. So there you have it, a bunch of senior citizens locked away because they thought the constitution mattered, very sad indeed.

  3. globatron
    August 7, 2010

    wow. death and taxes. thanks for sharing. sorry to hear about it. i luckily don’t have anyone close to me locked up. it must be hard on you. hang in there.

    i will think of her and the others who are unjustly incarcerated. this reminds me of Nelson Mandela and the small jail cell he lived in for so many years. hopefully when released she is able to live as fruitful and positive of a live as he has. hopefully she will be able to let it go and continue on. i can’t imagine letting it go myself. what a difficult test.

  4. Akbar Lightning
    August 8, 2010

    i had trouble understanding this writing…

    although i sympathize with the person’s situation…i think it is very important for people to always keep in mind that the written law has always served its owners, and so one must never rely upon it for one’s freedom…only the spirit of the law matters, and when one is clearly focused on such a thing, then one’s choices are less likely to lead to victimhood….

    i hope that this person’s incarceration represents a dissenting choice rather than the consequences of believing that the constitution has some legitimacy for the individual….

    in my mind, the purpose of education is the clarification of the true nature of power, and a growing understanding of individual powerlessness…

  5. Greg
    August 13, 2010

    You can’t fight the government, IRS, or paying taxes unfortunately. Look at Wesley Snipes, he tried that “it’s not constitutional to collect taxes” angle and it almost wound him up in prison. I think the only reason he did not go to jail was because he convinced the judge he could pay it back by making movies.

    Yeah Homeland Security has expanded the power of government to “silence” discontent like never before. Kinda of scary if you think about it.


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