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Check out this excellent essay in Frieze Magazine by Jan Verwoert. His description of the original ethos of Conceptual art and Fluxus is something with which i can really relate.



  1. Cobraaaa!
    March 7, 2009

    A healthy relationship within an artistic community is necessary. However, bringing forth a contract in order to help generate such an environment could be self destructive. An essence of a contract is to hold those who create it bound to it. Binding artist passions and skills works well in a monatary arena, and yet, these contracts uaually have an end date. Another situation that would arise would be the conflict of who the artist or outside parties should be, that would create such contracts.
    True to how mankind has come to have times of great prosperity, they always followed times of stagnation. This idea of a contract may be the catalyst that the artworld is going to need. “Art for our sake” now thats a movement.

  2. Byron King
    March 8, 2009

    “Art for our sake” indeed. Cobraaaa! love your name by the way. And with the exclamation mark it’s just unbeatable.

    Generational contract?
    Would an example of this be something like everyone who is in art school together or shared a studio in the past would sign a “contract” that if one of us “Makes It” we’ll help each other out? Like the mafia or something? I’ve always wanted to be connected or be a made man though that’s for sure. Isn’t there already an art mafia of sorts?

    If the word contract was changed to loyalty I’d have no issue with it. Contracts are hard to define just as are laws.

    Also, this article sort of makes me happy my day job is separate from my art interests. I know I’m going to get a paycheck and that’s not a bad feeling and I don’t have to become nearly schizophrenic in the process.


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