2 Birds closing night at Opaq

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  1. markcreegan
    March 17, 2008

    What i meant to say about the broken glass piece:

    This was installed in such a way that air currents, including those caused by people walking near, moved the tv screen making the image move- a way of referencing the intrinsic
    quality of the material. The visual etherealness of what the tv screen presents is contrasted with the rough trashiness of the haphazardly arranged broken glass on the wall behind.

  2. contributor
    March 17, 2008

    cool. funny thing is I thought the glass was installed in a very orderly fashion. you know I can see each one of the pieces in this show growing their own show. Like a whole show about toothpaste using those materials, ect., ect.

    The use of sharks teeth in a gallery wall was really interesting to me. I see that having legs as a concept for sure.

    Fun interview.


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