The Birth of Roboboy

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“Hot towel sir, Hot towel mam”

Lizzie’s ambition in life was to marry rich. This is why she had applied for the stewardess job in first class and also why she took a 50,000$ loan to spend on brazilian breast and buttocks implants..

“Can I please have another glass of champagne little miss” the grossly overweight slob in 5A shouted across the cabin.

Already 6 months in to the job of taking care of passengers on the NY-Tokyo route all that had come out of it was a short fling with a banking executive and an expensive drug habit.  That and about 30 invites to join the mile-high club with drunken rock-stars and doped up movie stars.

A sudden burst of turbulence sent Lizzie spiraling down the aisle and right into the lap of Daniel Lasseter, head researcher at Omicron Labs out of Silicon Valley California. From the Shock Lizzie did not even notice the small prick of the needle nor would she ever notice the nanobots making their way through her blood-system and into her womb.

And of course, being a modern woman, since she was on the pill she did not think anything of her period being late until 3 months later when she regularly started feeling sick in the mornings…A quick test proved it and in an instant shattered all of Lizzie’s dreams…who would want to marry a stewardess single mother with a habit…

Fired from her job and without means to support herself and her soon to be born baby  Lizzie moved back in with her parents in their 2 bedroom sit on the outskirts of Newcastle in Northern England. It seemed as though rarely any time had passed when one day she felt her water break and that the time was now near.

An ambulance and 6 hard hours of labor later silence filled the maternity ward at Newcastle hospital Only to be pierced by the glass-breaking shriek of Lizzie when she first lay eyes on her son…

The doctor manged to keep her composure, having seen what uranium-plated shells do to children in Afghanistan, up until about the boy was cleaned and suddenly spoke in a calm and composed voice.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting”

“I am Roboboy”



  1. globatron
    April 23, 2010

    Great first post. Hope this turns into an ongoing series. It’s definitely a cliffhanger.

  2. ken vallario
    April 23, 2010

    bravo! i think he gets it, i think he gets it….


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