Opera of the Puppets


[reengineered puppeteering]

among the seven billion
we are the cantastorie

we are not the corporate heads or bankers
doing the Russian Mafia’s laundry
washing the filthy gains of the Karzai brothers
cleaning for the cartels

we sing of the dancing marionettes
forced to fund the weaponized might-
actors of enforcement
for the global manipulators

we are not their cannon fodder
employed for the purpose of control
though we tell of missiles and bombs
which degrade regimes

we hear the echoed whispers
don’t execute the contract too soon

control the poppy
control the country

control the oil
control the region

check the Chinese

[trillions funded allows for billions vanished

financing special acts for the power-obsessed
in their game of neuropasta]

within the hum
we sing

1 July 2011

Twitter: poetico @senryupsyched #poeticonotpolitico


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  1. Glenn A. Bautista
    September 14, 2013


    Your poetry is more powerful than any weapon on earth,
    It makes a dull mind think, and a dead heart beat,
    Imaginative but true . . .

    Thanks for sharing, my friend.



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