In Defense of Outrage – Father Mapple’s first sermon.

In Defense of Outrage



  1. globatron
    July 16, 2009

    Father Mapple has spoken. I expected shouting and speaking through a bullhorn but instead I heard a Zen master speak of anger. The music is right on. I love the paradox of a sermon on anger with such soothing music in the background. As to what you are saying? I don’t honestly see that many artists being as outrage as you suggest. My personal experience has shown many an artist lulled into apathy hiding in their studios most likely. Yes they rallied around Obama and fought for the election based on change but now that he is in I believe they feel they’ve done their part.

    I would love to rally the troops. I do believe this is a historic time where the concepts and ideas of artists could have significant value to humankind.

    The problem I see is that the change we want is really war built up through many battles. The battle for universal health care for example. Now I’m not sure what more I can do but blog and tell everyone I know how important it is to me but it seems there is no more talk about the issues.

    It would seem the change that was a battle cry in my personal experience in my location has turned into apathy. These battles are uphill battles at that. Obama is facing so many battles. He inherited a mess. The worst economy since the great depression can not fix itself over night and can not fix itself in six months.

    So with that said, yes I’m angry and yes I want to rally and come out of hiding and make my voice heard. I think the best way to keep the motivation going, personally, (as I’ve said a thousand times) is to keep the dialogue going. But if there’s anything I’ve heard through the lifespan of this blog/art project is that there are very few willing to toe the line and let their voices be heard. And the ones that do are best suited to not write in English. Maybe grunting would be better for some.

    I look forward to more sermons. You have inspired a speech on Universal health care and how significant it is for the future of our country. If I record myself reading it you will easily detect my anger and passion for having health care reform passed. I doubt I can be nearly as Zen with my anger.

  2. Logocentric
    July 18, 2009

    this was very beautifully said, Akbar.

  3. Akbar Lightning
    November 12, 2009

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