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Posted by on Sep 15, 2009 in healthcare, politics

I want my country back . . . Jack.
I want it back because it has gotten taken to task.
Now it’s no longer mine anymore.
Who owns it now we must ask to be exact?
We are thousands strong and we are proud to scream and yell.
“I want my country back.  I want big government to leave me alone.”

I’ll never give Bo any props for the redirection of the recession.
I’d rather call him a fascist and racist for his lies and misdirection.
I’d rather take off work and see the Tea Party Express.
Show that “regular” white working class stiffs are all in attendance.
That the people have spoken and we’re not a joken.
Some with assault rifles slung over their shoulders for good measure.

As I collect my Social Security check each month while lying in bed.
Sometimes I wake and wonder why I feel so angry instead.
But then I turn on talk radio and realize that I’m not alone.
That I have thousands just like me full of hate in their bones.
That we have been taking it from the left for far too long.
And if they don’t like it they can move to France or go home.

I’m scared this is all a move to legalize illegal immigrants.
I’m scared that we’ll be a communist country very soon.
I’m scared that they’ll take away my guns and liberty too.
I’m scared I won’t be able to buy a rifle at the gun show next week.
I’m scared that white faces will become a minority in my neighborhood.
I’m scared that big government will tax me more and more.
I’m scared that big government will continue to grow and balloon.
I’m scared our grandchildren will be in debt for centuries to come.
I’m scared a death panel will pull the plug on me when I’m all alone.

Seems the President actually wants to do what he said.
Give healthcare to all as he stated in the campaign that he ran.
Instead we have to pay for government bailouts we were force fed.
Seems we are beginning to come out of a recession but who really cares.
I think that’s a lie from the liberal media who is in the President’s bed.

But was this country ever ours I sometimes ponder?
What about the Native Americans who our forefathers stole it from before.
I wonder how their healthcare and unemployment rate is fairing.
But that wouldn’t be American to question such things.
A good patriot never  questions his obligation to his country or family.
I would rather ask for our country back instead.
A country that was never ours, I too often forget.



  1. Matt
    September 15, 2009

    I bet you didn’t have a problem when the Department of Homeland Security was formed or when we started spending a billion dollars a month in Iraq or maybe you thought the Patriot Act was a great idea despite the fact that it limited your privacy and freedom. May be you think it’s o.k. that CEO’s of companies made billions of dollars in bonuses despite the fact that they were running those companies into the ground. None of that scared you????? Why don’t you go somewhere else a regurgitate some more of the crap you hear on Fox news.

  2. jsb
    September 15, 2009

    “Show that “regular” white working class stiffs are all in attendance.
    That the people have spoken and we’re not a joken.
    Some with assault rifles slung over their shoulders for good measure.”

    You realize that the man who showed up with an assault rifle at the tea party was black? (

    I realize that your poem is supposed to be a parody of the conservative backlash in the country. It’s a lot less rascist than you think. In fact, they dislike Pelosi & Reid too!

    “I think that’s a lie from the liberal media who is in the President’s bed.”

    If you don’t think they’re in bed with Obama, see “Van Jones coverage”. This media is more aligned with Obama than any other President I can remember.

  3. Akbar Lightning
    September 15, 2009

    uhh matt, either i’m missing your irony, or you are missing the irony in the post…sometimes it’s hard to tell in this crazy world.

  4. globatron
    September 15, 2009

    Well Matt. You might want to read the last line again. And then maybe read some of the content on this site before giving me a lecture.

    I was actually attempting to regurgitate Fox News talking points and to make it seem convincing enough that it would not be perceived to be a liberal writing them.

    I appreciate you validating the fact that my poem is convincing. Thank you for that. I was worried it was not.

    I must say though, your last line is as close minded as someone telling me to move to France for being a healthcare reform supporter. Also we were spending 12 billion dollars a month in Iraq not a billion. I find it interesting you didn’t perceive the irony in the poem.

  5. Akbar Lightning
    September 15, 2009

    he he, one guy thinks it’s too conservative, one thinks its not liberal enough, he he…it’s all so crazy, can we find our way to feeling as one, human beings bound by a common destiny?

    he he he he, i’m going insane, like watching batman in a post-modern world where even the joker makes sense sometimes, there are no good guys, no bad guys, we are in a moral tornado, and we are on our way to ozzzzzzz…… wheee hheeee, he he he, whooahh!

    somebody help me…he he he


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