Anger Management

Posted by on Sep 6, 2009 in healthcare, politics

I know things aren’t going well for you. I mean we have two wars going on, a recession, and our country is split down the seems over a healthcare reform debate.

I know you might not have a job or will lose yours soon.  I know you wonder where your government handout will come.  When will Congress pass a bill for the little man.  You wonder if any of the economic stimulus will affect you.  If you’ll get one of those green jobs everyone is talking about.

I know you are wondering what the future will hold for you and your family.  How will be able to afford the growing cost of healthcare.  How will you be able to afford to pay for you children’s education.  How will we be safe from our own citizens.  How will we have clean air and water. 

I know you are wondering if a polar ice cap melts and in Antarctica if it will really split the U.S. in half.  I know you are wondering if your state will be affected.  If you should be moving to higher ground.

But what about it? What are you going to do about any of it?  Does your vote count?  Do your actions make a difference?  But have you tried?  Have you really tried?  Let’s be honest.  If you think you’ve done enough you are lying to yourself.  The world needs an engaged population now more than ever.  The future of mankind hangs in the balance as you sit back and watch your football game or reality T.V. show.

And the question I can’t answer is how come you aren’t raving mad?  How come you aren’t filling your social networking sites with your own thoughts and ideas about the issues?  Why are you not asking for what you deserve?  How come you have decided to be apathetic to the status quo?

The first thing you need to do is get mad.  Get mad as hell.  I want you to get up and look yourself in the mirror.  Look at that person.  He’s a coward.  You are not going to be that person anymore.  So from now on you are going to have ideas.  You are going to listen to the media and realize that they are corrupt.  You are going to demand to have the truth.  You are not going to be force fed bullshit that supports one point of view.

You are going to demand to be treated with respect.  You are going to demand honesty and integrity from your leaders.  You are going to demand that the days of partisan politics are over. From this point on, we will demand a compromise.  Any politician that opposes a piece of legislation must come to the table with new ideas to work towards a compromise.

We will no longer trash each others political parties or political views.  We will begin to work together towards shared goals as American citizens.  We will strive for unity  in all aspects of our lives.

But first you must get Mad.  Get mad as hell.  Get on the internet and tell everyone that you are mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore.  I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    September 6, 2009

    i love it so much i don't know what else to say, my favorite post in a long while, both the excellence and passion of the writing and the wonderful way you used a robot to deliver a speech to all the robots out there living a machine's life.

    we are humans, globatron is on the hunt.



  2. Byron King
    September 6, 2009

    I'm glad you enjoyed it Akbar. Your kind words are indeed appreciated. I do hope folks start realizing that compromise is the way. I'm truly tired of the bipartisan BS our country is going through right now.

    If you don't like the public option say why, etc. Then let's get legislation that addresses those fears. I'm tired of folks dismissing concepts/ideas without trying to attempt a compromise. Compromise should be required in all legislation. It's ridiculous that both parties seem to think it's either my way or the highway. If compromise on healthcare reform can not be achieved, the two party system is broken and should be overhauled.

  3. Akbar Lightning
    September 6, 2009

    yeah, what i've realized recently is that there's something very annoying about how the congress and president, they make us go through the whole argument every day. it's exhausting. they should just get in there, get some legislation they are all happy with and then release it. it gets so annoying having to get yanked and pulled around every day of our lives. that's the whole point of representative government.

    anyways, that's my 2 cents. part of me want them all to shut up and get some work done. they are like a bunch of children out of control.


  4. Byron King
    September 8, 2009

    True dat. Wish they wouldn't even talk about it until they had a compromise already worked out. It's sickening how this whole thing has gone down and I believe we have the media (All media – even right wing media as they think they aren't the media) to blame for this. If the media just reported the facts and didn't spin everything to fit their agenda or lack there of they would be serving the American people much much better. Instead they are out for ratings and sensationalism sells.

    If anything needs to be overhauled it's the 24 hour news cycle and talk radio. Opinions in the media should be reserved to the one's who are educated enough to make a valid argument for their side. Dismissing one side and not offering any sort of compromise or explanation why you don't support legislation should be illegal. Random opinions propped up with scare tactics are tearing this country apart.


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