Lost Revisited

Posted by on Jun 3, 2010 in Philosophy, revelation, Spirituality

I am starting to think that the interpretation of LOST is perhaps more meaningful if the periods of being dead or being alive are reversed, or twisted up, which I guess Lost does pretty well anyway

What I mean is, what happens at the end, when they remember- it seems like that is what we are experiencing now, some of us are dreaming about it, we all are living it, at some level-like the island is between lives, the sideways, and backwards and forwards are different tries,

until after lifetimes of incarnations, we are reaching the end of a cycle, this is now we have balanced the scales, learned what we have taught, we have the technology, we can find each other, and remember.

Remember that dead and alive is just an illusion, something we can graduate from, where we live-no longer important-the logistics are simplified- to a screen, a mouse and keyboard, is this the key to our third eye,

through the spiraling web of data that is all of us together, by this vehicle, combine our light, law of squares, vibrations strengthened, I think even greg has felt the light, of a force unseen but tangible, no one is wrong, no one is right

Maybe in another sideways, our connections didn’t click, we lived and died, and island visited, before returning home again, with no memory of island timeline, assess the risk and live again.

On schedules individual, all lessons learned in time, to teach another teacher, be a muse, write a wicked rhyme, As the pendulum swings we travel, different places, different times.

The window of opportunity, to transcend the earthly strife, is as we speak upon us, the shifting spectrum of light, escape the electromagnetic island-the plane between our lives.



  1. globatron
    June 3, 2010

    i have been thinking about the ending since the finale but could not put words to it till recently. I did get really passionate the other night and explained it to a friend. This was my explanation if I can remember correctly.

    Both worlds are happening at the same time. No matter what we do or the choices that we make, we are destined to be surrounded by the people that are in our lives. They will always find us and we will always find them. In this life or in other lives.

    The sideways life was just another possible life. There are infinite lives we are living right now. Infinite possibilities. I’m already dead in another life. I might be dead right now. There is no way of telling because death is an illusion. The island was an illusion. The sideways life was an illusion. There is no real here.

    The core concept I believe was that we always find each other no matter what our reality really is. So that is my explanation of the ending. I have invested many years of my life into this show. I was pleased by its ending. I felt it was the most philosophical series in television history. I am happy to have had the experience to have been lost in Lost.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts too Angie and getting me thinking again. I believe our thoughts on the ending are pretty close. Also, my thoughts on Lost coincide with your last comment about how you met your husband, had your son and met up with your old friends again. I find that amazing as well. Who is really lost? Are we all here but not yet found?

  2. Logocentric
    June 3, 2010

    i really have only the vaguest concept of the show, but watching this clip and reading your post, crystl, i was sitting on the verge of tears. i think it may have inspired a new story. i’ll see what kind of start i can get on it. thanks for this.


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