Education Revisited, Again

From a talk given by Terence Mckenna.

“We are flesh which has been caught in the grip of some kind of an attractor that lies ahead of us in time, and that is sculpting us to its ends; speaking to us through psychedelics, through visions, through culture, and technology, consciousness. The language forming capacity in our species is propelling itself forward as though it were going to shed the monkey body and leap into some extra-surreal space that surrounds us, but that we can not currently see. Even the people who run the planet, the World Bank, the IMF, you name it, they know that history is ending.

They know by the reports which cross their desks: the disappearance of the ozone hole [sic], the toxification of the ocean, the clearing of the rain forests. What this means is that the womb of the planet has reached its finite limits, and that the human species has now, without choice, begun the descent down the birth canal of collective transformation toward something right around the corner and nearly completely unimaginable. And this is where the psychedelic shaman comes in because I believe that what we really contact through psychedelics is a kind of hyperspace. And from that hyperspace we look down on. . . we look down on both the past and the future, and we anticipate the end. And a shaman is someone who has seen the end, and therefore is a trickster, because you don’t worry if you’ve seen the end. If you know how it comes out you go back and you take your place in the play, and you let it all roll on without anxiety. This is what boundary dissolution means. It means nothing less than the anticipation of the end state of human history. . . .

“This is not a dress rehearsal for the apocalypse. This is not a pseudo-millenium. This is the real thing, folks. This is not a test. This is the last chance before things become so dissipated that there is no chance for cohesiveness. We can use the calender as a club. We can make the millenium an occasion for establishing an authentic human civilization, overcoming the dominator paradigm, dissolving boundaries through psychedelics, recreating a sexuality not based on monotheism, monogamy and monotony. We–all these things are possible if we can understand the overarching metaphor which holds it together, which is the celebration of mind as play, the celebration of love as a genuine social value in the community. This is what they have suppressed so long. This is why they are so afraid of the psychedelics, because they understand that once you touch the inner core of your own and someone else’s being you can’t be led into thing-fetishes and consumerism. The message of psychedelics is that culture can be re-engineered as a set of emotional values rather than products. This is terrifying news. And if we are able to make this point then we can pull back, we can pull back and we can transcend. Nine times in the last million years the ice has ground south from the poles pushing human populations ahead of it, and those people didn’t f*ck up. Why should we then? We are all survivors. We are the inheritors of a million years of striving for the unspeakable. And now with the engines of technology in our hands we ought to be able to reach out and actually exteriorize the human soul at the end of time, invoke it into existence like a UFO and open the violet doorway into hyperspace and walk through it, out of profane history and into the world beyond the grave, beyond shamanism, beyond the end of history, into the galactic millenium that has beckoned to us for millions of years across space and time. THIS IS THE MOMENT. A planet brings forth an opportunity like this only once in its lifetime, and we are ready, and we are poised. And as a community we are ready to move into it, to claim it, to make it our own.”



  1. globatron
    January 3, 2010

    Well it’s going to be interesting that’s for sure. I prefer to focus on the more utopian scenarios. I don’t have the energy (mentally or physically) to think about how A.I. will decide to just wipe humans out like a virus. Hollywood has done a pretty good job of doing that for me. I watched all three Matrix movies twice on New Years Day. The first one is truly a masterpiece.

    Nice mix of text and video Logocentric. I loved the ending in the Did You Know 4.0 one. Thank God.

    Can you make a prediction yourself as to what the singularity will bring? My gut instinct tells me it’s not going to be good. I’d like to change that instinct though if possible.

  2. Akbar Lightning
    January 3, 2010

    i remember watching movies when i was a kid focusing on societies that would scan people before they entered places, like airports, and it was also portrayed as the worst possible fate of a society to become absolutely invasive of our privacy and distrustful of its citizens, and now that is a reality, and one that people do not openly rebel against.

    i believe we live in a time so absolutely fascinating and profound…one where old ways of perceiving social memes and forms of social change are no longer relevant, forcing us to get in touch with instinctual forms of human wisdom.

    anywhoo, i think the big leap, one i’ve been more successful in the last few days at taking, is absolute acceptance of the present fluidity of the ‘social’, mckenna has been helpful. i saw a friend today, a fellow traveler along these lines of inquiry, and i was encouraged by that too. once one accepts that all these things are true, that the change is now, then one must face the more important challenge, what do i do, given this reality?

    great post!


  3. crystl37
    January 23, 2010

    I am working backwards here so the farther I get, the later my comments will be- but I am going to make them nonetheless.

    My reality has been undergoing some profound transformations lately as my struggles with religion, helplessness, futility, frustration, outrage, disbelief, indifference, rebellion, humanity, responsibility, and existence in general have quieted, in unexpected and seemingly rapid resolutions and revelations- though in retrospection I am finding out-or realizing-that many of the answers I sought -both consciously and unconsciously – I knew when I was a child, and have revisited throughout the stages of my life. I get it, I know whats going on, I know Im supposed to do something, but I also have not yet reached what it is.

    I am in information overload status at any given moment- but it doesnt feel the same as it used to-it’s not oppressive, confusing or frustrating. I am actually struggling with communicating what I know more than with the knowledge itself at this point. Words often escape me and I find myself wrestling ethereal concepts into a flat dimension-but I am learning not to fight it, and the synthesis is less painful when it flows.

    Terrence Mckenna has been instrumental in my dot connecting frenzy of the last few weeks.
    This TIme Wave Zero video helped immensely, this and a profound psychedelic experience or two and I feel like a new woman-I’m in a completely, radically different place than I was 2 or 3 months ago-(2 or 3 weeks or days ago for that matter!)

    The time for thinking and hypothesizing about this is coming to an end-I feel a gnawing sense of urgency, but not yet a course of action. I have read that in this time period those of us that are going to, will realize and come to terms with our existence as a spiritual being,part of a whole, individually inhabiting our human form, and come to a state of coexistence and assimilation of that fact.

    Fate isn’t a pre-written script, it is an intricate fractal expression of a Fibbonaci equation, a wave birthed by the ‘big bang’, the rise and fall of civilizations & species, races & cultures are the three dimensional expression of the original binary expression. History travels the double helix, the human genome becomes self aware, and the inhabitants of our dimension come full circle, reach the point of origin, where the wave ceases to resonate. We chose to be here at this time, through the perfection of technology we are finding each other and I think soon direction will start to become more clearly evident.

  4. globatron
    January 23, 2010

    The last paragraph is beautiful crystl37.

    I think you found your words on this one. What if your course of action is to feel the gnawing sense of urgency and to tell others about that feeling?

    I’m amazed how how your thoughts sync with the concepts and ideas that we have been speaking of for months now. I wonder how many more there are out there? Globatron had hoped to develop a community and dialogue about topics such as this. We had begun to think that it would be impossible but after reading your comments lately you have given me hope that there are people out there who are on a similar path. Searching and reaching for something greater than the Western paradigm. Wondering what is next? We seem to be presented with choices of epic proportions for the future of our species that it would seem would be an ongoing global discussion.

    I have surrendered to the fact that all i can do is control my engagement. It’s inspiring to know others are engaged as well.

  5. crystl37
    January 23, 2010

    Thank you so much globatron. I think you are right about my course of action-it seems to resonate that as we speak of finding our course of action that we are already doing that which we seek.

    It is truly amazing to learn how closely my experience parallels what others are also going through. Something Terrence Mckenna says in his works concerning psychedelic experiences-DMT in particular-strikes me as extremely valid in this situation-it seems to be a clear example of the concept of psychedelic thinking-a concept brought back to be applied to our daily existence. One thing Terrence stresses when talking about DMT experiences is don’t give in to the amazement. When I read your comment, that phrase seemed to echo through my soul-don’t give in to the amazement. Run with it, become it, I guess it is like engaging it, jumping on and letting it carry you through, not simply observing and marveling at it. And so it begins . . .


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