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New life-size, bonded aluminum sculpture by Emil Alzamora titled “Aegis”.

Globatron did an interview with Emil several months ago in August of 2008 here:

Note from Emil: Aegis is protection, it originates from greek mythology as a shield from harm, often a cloak/shield combined.  I made this piece as a response to the BS floating around out there and how to protect myself from it. The process is resin bonded aluminum “pancakes” poured onto a rubber mold surface, i then apply them, prior to complete setup, to the armature (foam and metal) using wetter resin…it’s complicated but fun.



  1. Byron King
    April 21, 2009

    Emil, I’m so glad we met again as friends with a ten year separation.
    I’ll never forget that visit we had to your home in Beacon, NY.

    I’m amazed how in your work you do so little with the human form yet it speaks volumes. I’m rather new to this type of work but to me it’s just through the simple gestures or lengthening of a limb your work speaks so closely to the human condition.

    I’m very excited to have seen your work develop from that first full-size bronze in school 12 years ago to the current work you are doing. The ceramic work you are doing too has such subtle nuances in it and real power. Can’t wait to install the piece you sent me. I’ll get my drawing in the mail soon for our trade. Thanks so much Emil.

  2. Akbar Lightning
    April 21, 2009

    Just to weigh in, as I am a big fan of Emil’s work. Hard to believe we were all a bunch of kids playing basketball behind the B.F.A. warehouse, making B.F.A. art, and eating pig at the iron pours, and now the level of talent between us is earth-shattering. seriously, we should all be proud of ourselves. so now on to emil.

    i told him over coffee about a week ago, that what I find successful about his work is that it captures something about the human condition, a feeling that I think is absolutely essential for a thinking person to reflect upon, and that is the mixture of sadness and longing that comes from the heroic. When one is grappling with existence, when one is seeking truth or seeking the universal, it is inevitable that failure will threaten us, that we will see the futility or the tragic in our undertaking, and in those moments of terror, we rise up, we choose, for some unknown reason to persist, to face the terror and believe in our own ability to transcend it. I see all of this in Emil’s work. I am not using his work to say these things, I see them very clearly there, as evidenced by his titles. I will say it again that his work The Abyss (perhaps byron could imbed that image) is about as perfect a piece of sculpture as I’ve seen in a long time. I would put that up against Rodin’s thinker actually. Rodin’s work is great but next to The Abyss, it seems simplistic. The Abyss is every man, not just the thinking man, The Abyss is what all men and women face in a variety of ways, having to reach into it against our own fear because life does not stop.

    As an aside I am reading an article in Harper’s about the growth of payday lending in America, these payday check cashing places that will give you a quick advance on your paycheck and you have to buy it back the next week. Point is, nobody ever ends up buying it back, they get trapped, owned by the check cashing place. This is a huge industry. and i think about those people, single desperate mothers, or poor working men and women, going into those places week after week trying to dig themselves out of quicksand, that is The Abyss to me, a song of sadness for our current state.

    And I see some of that same energy in this piece, protecting oneself against the pain of sensation, the pain of being. For those of us who love justice, living in this world is a constant state of disappointment. my first reaction to the surface, in Aegis, is that it reminded me of skin transplants. so you have a figure that’s been burned really bad by life, stripped of the naive freshness of native skin, replaced by a scarred protective layer, and yet the burn remains inside, forcing the persistent crouch of a man who has learned helplessness.

    My deepest belief about art is that it is, at best, a celebration. i think that is its highest purpose, and so those of us called to be artists in a time where celebration is a hard feeling to find, are forced to celebrate ourselves, and our persistence. Emil’s work is heroic. I hope things change, things get better, and that we can see Emil express the transcendence. I would like that for many reasons.

    just some thoughts,

  3. wennersbane
    April 27, 2009

    wow, thanks Ken!!!

    I just read your comment on Globatron about Aegis! Wow, that is awesome! well said, I love it and so bigging up of me! man! Thanks. I was reading it to your “akbar releasing demons” video in the BG, Hilarious because it was eminem , with you dancing and as im reading this heavy beautiful shit you wrote, there you were every 10 seconds or so when id flip back to see you bust a move, dancing and being you … words arent cutting it. You rock my friend. thanks

    love the atomic king too. beautiful! and electric!! Obama looks like the silver surfer, dang if thats not iconic!

    hAAAA! life is good


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