Selected interviews below:

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Glenn Bautista, Artist

Jason John, Contemporary Realist Painter

Lucinda Clark,

Gil Van Wagner, Writer

Corey Shay, Gaming Sound Engineer

Bill Roden, Creative Director

Fern Hill:  Dr. Edmund Skellings, 10-26-10, (RIP August 19th, 2012)

Life is Like a Song: Dr. Edmund Skellings, Florida’s Poet Laureate, 10-14-10

Mattias Hansson from Hyper Island, Sweden

Interview with @dangerousmeme

A View from Abroad, Roel Dalhuisen, Utrecht, Netherlands

20 Questions with Hardison, Seattle, WA.

Cirque du Soleil’s Carmen Reuest, Jax FL.

Two Birds: Mark Creegan and David Lauderdale, Jax, FL.

Hanging With The Dude: An Interview with Jeffery Byrd

Michael A. Rippens, Los Angeles, CA.

Johnathan Mcdermott, Bogda Gallery, Jax, FL.

Frontiers at Dawn :: Interview with Mikel Bisbee-Durlam

Kelly Pope, Student, School of the Art Institute of  Chicago.

Open Space, Gallery, Beacon NY

Brynna Kate Tucker, NY.

Jenny Hager, Sculpture Professor, University of North Florida.

Chris Albert,  Beacon, NY.

Maria Albani, Raleigh, NC.

Jerstin Crosby, Raleigh, NC, Team Lump.

Emil Alzamora, Beacon, NY.

Katerie Gladdys, Digital Media Professor, University of Florida.

Sharp Elbow, Choreographer and Film Director, NY.

Kirsty Whiten, Painter and Sculptor from the U.K.

Chris Crites,, Seattle, WA.

Macia Tavernese, Canada.

Byron King, Jax, FL.

Yvonne Lozano, Jax, FL.

2 Birds: Mark Creegan & David Lauderdale, Opaque Gallery, Jax, FL.

Ali Isabelle, Jax, FL.

Konrad Marshall, Journalist, Australia.

Dylan Klempner, Boston, MA.

Gus Fink.

Jack Stenner,, Digital Media Professor, University of Florida.

Jesse Pollok, Photographer and Editor,

Pie Studio, Jax, FL.

John Casey,, Oakland, CA.

Alex Diaz, Jax, FL.

Ty Williams, St. Augustine, FL.