My cancer friend in arms

Posted by on Aug 30, 2009 in healthcare

It really affected me when I heard of the death of Ted Kennedy this week because I have related to his struggle with brain cancer.  Not only because I also have a brain tumor in a similar area, but because of his four decades of work to get universal healthcare for all.  It’s quite odd for me to hear that someone has died of the same disease that is predicted to get me in the end.  Having to live with a brain tumor for several years and having had two brain surgeries within the last year, while also going through chemotherapy treatment, I have had to answer this question many times, “What is cancer?”  Well, my answers have been quite shaky, as it’s a rather complex question.

Hopefully the above information will help you all a bit more when you think of the 1 out of every 4 Americans who will die from cancer this year.  Although I currently have great healthcare coverage, any gap in coverage will likely allow any insurance company to drop me due to the pre-existing condition clause, not to mention we currently pay up to a third of our income on our growing medical bills.  But really, I’m the lucky one. Don’t worry about me as I’m predicted to live up to another twenty years.  To me that is an infinity.  Especially with the advancements in medicine and science expected to happen within that time.  So, in a way I feel a bit bonded to Ted Kennedy.  I feel like his fight for healthcare was a fight for my rights to not die prematurely because I won’t be able to afford the growing cost of healthcare over the next twenty years.  I feel like his fight for healthcare was a fight for my hopes to see my children grow up.  Thank you, Ted Kennedy.  My cancer friend in arms.


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