While Rome Burns…

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Art’s task is to save the soul of mankind, and that anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. … If the artist cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found. ~Terence McKenna



  1. Byron King
    December 6, 2011

    More quotes from this podcast:

    “Nature is the great visible engine of creativity against which all other creative efforts are measured.”

    “The precondition for creativity is, I think, is disequilibrium, what mathematicians now call chaos.”

    “The prototypic figure for the artist, as well as for the scientist, is the shaman.”

    “This really is the bridge back to the archaic, shamanic function of the artist, permission to explore the irrational.”

    “And this pulling into matter of the ideas of human beings, first in the forms of beadwork and chipped stone and carved bone, within 20,000 years ushers into the kinds of high civilizations that we see around us and points us toward the kind of extra-planetary mega-civilization that we can feel operating on our own present like a kind of great attractor.”

    “This seems to be the special, unique, transcendental function of the human animal, is the production and condensation of ideas. And what made it possible for the human animal is language. … Human language represents an ontological break of major magnitude with anything else going on on this planet.”

    “Language is the unique province of human beings, and language is the unique tool of the artist. The artist is the person of language.”

    “Language has made us more than a group of pack-hunting monkeys. It’s made us a group of pack-hunting monkeys with a dream.”

    “The glory of the human animal is cognitive activity, song, dance, sculpture, poetry, all of these cognitive activities, when we participate in them, we cross out of the domain of animal organization and into the domain of a genuine relationship to the transcendent.”

    “The psychedelic experience shows you more art in an hour and a half than the human species has produced in fifteen or twenty thousand years.”

    “The perturbation of brain chemistry is easily done. What is not so easily done is the assimilation of the consequences of this act.”

    “Culture is a plot against the expansion of consciousness.”

    “Nature is not mute. It is man who is deaf, and the way to open our ears, open our eyes and reconnect with the intent of a living world is through the psychedelics.”

    “The civilization that was created out of the collapse of the medieval world has now shown its contradictions to be unbearable.”

  2. Byron King
    December 7, 2011


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