To See

Posted by on Jun 3, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Headline

A time capsule exists
Injected into the palm of your hand
All data needed to migrate
From one life to another

The best books ever written
All memories and photos
Compacted into Titanium

20 ton blocks of Marble
As large as the pyramids
Smaller than an ant
Mirrored daily in the clouds

Embedded in our skin at birth
A dog tag for eternity
For our ancestors
For our children

We have extended our lives
Our species will live on
The human collective connected
Our memories resurrected

It is the lack of knowing
The fear of losing
That drives our insanity.
All knowledge now stored

Your childhood
Your loved ones
Your adventures
Your misfortunes and fame

We are all the same
The rich and the poor
The weak and the strong
Through your eyes, we see


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