The Witness

Posted by on Dec 9, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Headline

Glimpse, a foot smaller than your thumb.
Look away, she’s crawling then walking some.
Grasp, life streaming by.
Gasp, she’s talking back without a cry.

This whole thing goes by so fast.
As the universe expands and contracts.
Black holes are engulfing galaxies.
Super novas are gamma ray tragedies.

Gravity is the glue that binds.
As dark energy pushes space and time.
Life is a formula one inch long.
Not written yet but sung in song.

The amazement from our first glance.
A sunrise so beautiful it puts us in a trance.
How can something so small be so developed?
How can something so large be so clueless?

Yet it expands with each passing breath.
Not knowing why is my reason for being.
To pay witness to the passing seasons.
Honored to be here, with you.


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