The Mental Picture

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Imagine a network node of your consciousness
Extended outward to all other nodes
To the great upload.
Forever creating and retrieving data.

Flowing and dangling loosely like a tree in the weather.
Limbs stretched outward and upward.
Leaves bending and branches stretching in the river.
The mental picture…

This site has tentacles
That reach into inner and outer space.
Spreading consciousness to the human race.
This site connects my mind and heart to this place.

Downloading the passion I feel we need to face.
This site is much more to me than what it may seem.
It has become bigger than I could have ever foreseen.
The topics discussed primordial and never dreamed.

Where do we all belong in this culture?
This site is my job I now know.
Everything I do is to help this site grow.
To share my life experiences with you all.

To have more enlisted to its call.
So we might know each other better.
So we might grow stronger together.
This is my mental picture.




    October 3, 2010

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  3. Byron King
    October 3, 2010

    What is your mental picture? What do you envision your life becoming? What do you envision the world becoming?

    October 3, 2010

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  5. aimee louise lund
    October 9, 2010

    God is a shapeshifter

    Imagine there is only God and a mirror. And God is a shapeshifter. God starts off being invisible and sees nothing in the mirror. So God makes itself visible but all It sees is formless whiteness flowing out from one point engulfing all the darkness. So It starts experimenting.

    Since It is a complete newbie and has no idea about Its own preferences It just takes on lots of different shapes. Some of them are ugly, dreadful and painful and some of them are beautiful, peaceful and pleasant. But God is still a newbie at shape shifting so It keeps clumsily switching between beautiful and dreadful shapes. Sometimes It just breaks down crying and believes It can’t do this, that It can never attain a shape that stays beautiful and pleasant, even for a while.

    Sometimes It goes as far as trying to destroy itself, destroying Its own shape as much as it is able to, to no avail, since it always reforms. Luckily It can’t freeze Itself in an imperfect shape either so It has no choice but to keep transforming.

    Fast forward a couple billions of years of trial and error and here we are. It’s time to nail this shapeshifting skill.

    In this metaphor the appearance in the mirror and how God feels about seeing it are one and the same thing. There is no room for experiencing the same shape in different ways. The shape IS the experience.

    How does purpose fit into this? The purpose is of course to master shapeshifting and free ourselves from this schizophrenic, terryfing madness that we are experiencing right now.

    And because of this I consider evolution teleological.

    A sloppily written refutation of greed and the ownership of useful information
    30 août 2010 16:03

    (Written to a friend who doesn’t seem to get it.)


    You are sleeping.

    Stop sleeping!

    Why do you need to sleep?!

    We need to stop sleeping.

    Sleeping is bullshit.

    We should retain the good feeling we get before falling asleep though.

    But only that.

    So instead of sleeping for 8 fucking hours we should just doze off cozily.

    And 5 minutes later wake up and be completely refreshed.




    Did you know that lots of genes in our body are patented? (

    Or have been filed for patents?

    And have you realized that when Monsanto owns some stupid gene sequence it means that it owns a plant even if you grow it from a seed on your own? (

    I know.

    Shouldn’t be talking about this.

    But now you aren’t here.

    And I’m not gonna make any more ad hominem attacks.

    But the thing is that intellectual property leads to some very fucked up moral consequences.

    For instance:

    Let’s say that some you

    decides to become a scientist,

    and some other you decides to become an über rich capitalist.

    So now this scientist you studies hard,

    and gets a degree.

    By that time the capitalist you has made money on the stock market,

    and got other capitalist buddies to lend him money.

    And he starts a science corporation.

    And this corporation, owned by greedy capitalist you and his friends (all you),

    hires the scientist you.

    So the scientist you, in his ignorance is all like

    “Wee, I’m gonna save the world now!”

    And he starts researching a cure for cancer.

    Of course, by working for the capitalist you he has agreed that all knowledge he discovers (creates) will belong to the corporation.

    And thus to the greedy capitalist you.

    So what happens?

    Let’s say that scientist you teams up with other scientist yous,

    and together you actually discover a cure for cancer,

    and you go to your boss, the capitalist you and exclaim:

    “Finally, we have a cure for cancer, we can save MILLIONS of lives!!!!”

    “Not so fast”, says capitalist you.

    “This is my cure.”

    “And I’m gonna make lots and lots of moneh of this.”

    (Replace cure for cancer with AIDS medicines and it becomes a much more realistic scenario)

    But anyway.

    So capitalist you decides that he is gonna milk this discovery for all it is worth.

    Now let’s assume we have two scientist yous.

    One is all like “Shit, you fucking greedy fucks, just give it away, think of the children, think of the saved lives, think of the morality boost, think of the increased productivity, this would be such a good step in the right direction, it would give humanity such hope, OMGGGGGG!!!!!”

    And capitalist you says “NO!”.

    So this other scientist you,

    instead of saying that, he tells the capitalist you:

    “Dude, I like your style, why don’t you let me become your, uh, scientific advisor. I’ll help you make even more moneh and all you need is to let me in on a piece of the cake”.

    And capitalist you goes like “That sounds awesome, I think we may have ourselves a deal”, and hands greedy scientist you a cigar.

    So now we have greedy capitalist you (who did like 0.0% of the work to discover a cure for cancer and greedy scientist you, who did, say 5% (coz he happened to be super intelligent and lucky at the same time)) teaming up, and hidden behind the corporation entity, they own the cure for cancer.

    And instead of sharing it with the world,

    which would, say, within 5 years eliminate all cancer,

    saving millions of lives,

    the lives of great intellectuals,

    and kids,

    and beautiful girls and boys,

    instead they are like “Nah, we are gonna get ourselves sooo fucking rich!”

    “By limiting the access to this information.”

    “And they are gonna pay us for it.”

    “Coz that’s what free market capitalism is all about.”

    So they do that,

    coz by then the corporations own the state,

    and they have turned themselves into immortal entities,

    who are legally superior to human beings,

    and can lobby for changes in legislation.

    So what do we end up with?


    instead of saving millions upon millions of lives within the next 5 years,

    we save a couple thousands,

    coz the technology is made so horrendously expensive (to cover all the hard work you know, all the hard work the capitalist yous had to spend speculating in derivatives and shit to make themselves stinking rich),

    that almost no one can afford it,

    and say that by this time some other you,

    goes like

    “Shit guys, fire ze missiles!”

    “This stinks more than that French cheese I don’t know the name of.”

    So he hacks into the servers and steals all the info,

    and sends it to all these people.

    So what happens then?

    Choose your own ending:

    1. His friends share it with everyone and this leads to a total change in ideology at a global scale, leading to the abolishment of restrictive intellectual property, that is, the restrictive ownership of useful (as in vital for survival and thriving) information.
    2. The capitalist yous put them all in jail and tighten up laws even further by implanting surveying chips in everyone.


    this isn’t to say that we couldn’t eveeeentually get to a utopia the evil way.


    if the Nazis had won,

    and annihilated the Jews,

    and the Gypsies,

    and perhaps the Africans too,

    and the Japanese killed all Chinese,

    and so on, and so on.

    This doesn’t mean that they couldn’t eventually have evolved into a cool Third Reich utopia.

    The question is though,

    Just how much fucking blood do we want to have on our hands before we finally make it to Heaven!?

    Love and hugs,
    from a friend.

  6. universaltron
    October 10, 2010

    this is a complete ramble. i’m not sure how it came into fruition. nonetheless i enjoyed reading it. not sure what the sleeping response had to do with anything.

    the god looking in the mirror being a shapeshifter is an interesting thought but i believe you are thinking more like 12 billion years not 2 billion years but if you meant a lot of time then i feel you.

    i see it like this. there is no heaven. there just is, is. god had or the universe as I see it always has been. there are Gods of our God. Or in a more scientific manner there was a birth to our God, our universe. Now what does that mean for us and morality, truth and ethics? A lot. All of this is inborn. Part of our evolutionary wiring.

    God and the idea of God is inborn. We seek meaning. The universe seeks meaning. It continues to evolve. Evolution is part of this idea of God. Does this make me an atheist? I don’t think so. I can say the word God and I have a huge connected feeling when I say it. I feel part of God. I feel the universal consciousness inside of me. I feel guided. But religion has been one of the reasons we have continued to rape and murdered each other. Religion has done more harm than good on this planet. But…. it also has created much technology due to the wars it has fed.

    Blood is blood. God is blood. God is love. God is everything. God is a word. The universe is a multiverse. Infinity is God. We are are infinite. That is all I need to know. If I am to die today or in sixty years I am part of something much larger than myself. I am content.


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