The Cleansing

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, Globalwarming, Headline, Truth, WAR, water

A sphere rotates
Inside energy migrates
From the land to the sea.
Connecting everything.
The stars.
The sky.
The clouds.
The streams.
The rivers.
The oceans.
Morphing together as one.
An arm, a leg an eye.
Pulled inward and outward.
Cleaning the Earth’s blood.
The soil.
The plants.
The water.
The animals.
The bacteria.
The debris.
One cycle filters clean.
All organisms, one body.
Life and death comes and goes.
A system in balance, time flows.
The adaption.
The technology.
The growth.
The mutation.
The cancer.
The war.
Second cycle filters near.
Ending human greed and fear.
Body, mind, spirit are one.
Gaia will not succumb.


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