The 100th Monkey

Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, Headline, Survival, To Save Your Kind, Truth

We work our days.
We continue to play as
Dividends are bundled and traded.
Futures bet against and faded.

So that we might extract oil from sand
To keep the same experiment going, again.
Continual growth no longer charted.
The population has boomed
And we all know there is little room.

Peak oil has passed
As we watch the sands of our hour glass.
Holding on to the only way we know how.
So few garden or own a cow.
So few hunt and fish.
So few can survive off the land.

So what can we hope for?
That there will be an awakening.
The 100th monkey’s mind expanded.
Consciousness upgraded and rebranded.
The occupations will continue.
Our citites will turn into communities
Who collaborate for change.
Choosing passion over rage.

No need to kill, torture and maim.
The fiat currency will crumble.
The governments will tumble.
The people will prosper
Through the new vision offered.

Fresh game laid at the feet of humanity.


Show us How to Build the Lifeboat


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