Santa Claus is Dead

Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Headline

Santa Claus is dead.
He was shot point blank in the head
coming down the wrong chimney.
The Tooth Fairy’s teeth are rotten.
He never flossed after eating.
The Easter Bunny was run over
crossing the wrong street.
Those hard boiled eggs of chance.
Colors dipped and dried.

The myths we create control us.
There will be no leader elected
to save us from the crimes committed.
From the carbon we have emitted.
From the greed we have fed.
From the corporate lies that misled.
There is no messiah to save us.
No entity that will come down
and sell us a new paradigm.

I will still pray
with the odds stacked against us.
I want Santa to be real.
Fat belly bearded and all.
Rudolph’s nose will shine red.
I want the Tooth Fairy to steal
my children’s teeth at night.
For it is his birthright?
I want the Easter Bunny to do magic.
Make eggs glimmer and shine.
Make candy rain sublime.

I want to believe in a savior.
I want to believe out of all the billions
of stars and galaxies that we are special.
That we have been located and created.
That we are being watched from above.
Like fish in a bowl
our savior and our souls
will find their way as time unfolds.


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