Lady Eschaton

Posted by on Oct 20, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Headline, Peace, Truth, WAR

Painting by Ken Vallario

Mystic clouds.
A pyramid.
The Sun.
A field.
A valley.

Farms below.
A county road.
And off in the distance
Lady Eschaton did grow.
A giant among men.
Ready to defend
the truths we have trampled on.

From Gaia she has sprung.
Born from the same earth we walk upon.
This giant of humanity
will cleanse this world of its insanity.

No fear.
No pain.
She is ready to embark.
On her duty to heal
our mother from which we all have come.

The moon harvests her milk.
Her blood made of silk.
As the winter comes.
An old post she will take.
Lady Liberty on her stage.
As she aged and rusted
humanity murdered and lusted.

Lady Eschaton sees all.
Feels all.
Empathy is her battle call.
She is the beginning of the new.
She will guard over humanity
and shape us in her view.
For her mission is the future we envision.
A giant to stop our collision.
To find peace in a new world.


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