It’s 2005 YU55

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Headline, politics, Survival

Look up in the sky.
It’s not a bird.
It’s not a plane.
No, it’s a rock.
Mouths drop.
Pulses stopped.

The size of of an aircraft carrier
Buzzing by Mother Earth.
Closer than the Moon.
Is there enough room?

Eyes fixed on the sky.
It’s fast.
It’s bright.
It’s quite a site
To see a near miss travel by.

Blindly we discuss
Who screwed who.
What has the most funds.
Be it the ones at the top
Or the ones at the trough.
Who pays more taxes.
Who got bought off.

Who occupies who.
What does Facebook know.
What does Anonymous show
To the world about our lies.
The blood money supporting allies.

Politics disgusts.
Press conferences show us.
Who has integrity.
Who is full of shame.
Who gets divorced in reality.
Who gets framed.

Tonight a near miss traveled by.
It’s not a spaceship.
It’s not a man.
It’s 2005 YU55.
It’s another chance for us to make things right.



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