I am Carbon

Posted by on Nov 11, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Headline

My mother is Hydrogen.
My father is Helium.
The maker of Carbon.
Of which I am made from.

Elements from the sky.
Stars dying by and by.
For billions of years I am.
Indigo the color I know.
The color from which my soul flows.

I was born to change the world.
I have known this as fact.
I have never questioned that.
I have deep empathy for you.
For the dying world we view.
I have searched for others
Who have shared this mission.
I have found very few.

I wake each day seeking rebirth.
That our consciousness will grow.
That we will learn to forgive.
That we will learn to forget.
That we will live for love not regret.

I am Carbon.
Held together by Hadrons.
I am star born.
I visit here to carry on
The truths that are not self-evident.



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