Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in 2012, anxiety, Choken Word, Headline

The cosmic river thrives.
It pulls you and moves you.
It’s within you.
It surrounds you.

Magnetic zeros unite and pull.
Making heroes of the unknowing.
Making the poor rich.
Making the healthy sick.

It does not flinch.
It does not know names.
It does not know preference.
It does not ask to be forgiven.

For it is the tide…driven.
Apathy stricken.
No smiling.
No laughing.
No fear.
No tears.

The cosmic ocean lives.
Bringing cellular apoptosis.
The birth of stars.
Enjoy the view.

Your body the boat.
To take you where you need be.
Lessons learned eternally.
Be open, float.


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