A Sunday Rerun

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We are never good enough.
We will never measure up.
Injecting guilt into life.
Injecting fear into wrong or right.

For each life choice is being watched.
Not just by God on his omnipotent cloud
But by the congregation with their soap opera frown.
Each year is a repeat of the same old stories.

So and so got pregnant out of wedlock.
So and so doesn’t like boys, I hear.
So and so is not a true believer, I fear.
So and so asks too many questions.
What day of creation were the dinosaurs made?
Why do non-believers have to burn in hell to pay?

So and so is dating a doctor.
So and so’s house just went into foreclosure.
So and so’s son is in rehab we hear.
So and so drinks too much beer.

The rumor mill churns each Sunday morning
From my old church where my parents met.
Most card carrying conservatives they vet
Each and every church member, eventually to forget.

The dance starts out in a glory
As we fall in love with a new member’s family.
I hear they moved here from Georgia for law.
They have three children; we need our church to grow.
I hear they don’t like football, so I don’t know.

They didn’t join the country club because he doesn’t golf.
How can a lawyer not golf and be one of us?
He surely is in the wrong city to practice much.
I hear their teenagers really don’t believe.
Last Sunday, their boy asked about Adam and Steve.

I spent a lifetime in the church.
I sang in the choir from our perch.
I was in youth group and held hands too much.
I asked too many questions and didn’t learn enough.

This is my background and my religious story.
I must apologize for Christians in name only.
The message of Jesus Christ is about love and respect.
Not about building walls of judgment to neglect.

Not about injecting religion into politics.
Not about taking away the freedom of others.
Not about forcing social issues over progress.
Not about supporting a do nothing congress.

Many of us are still recovering.
The damage has been done.
Many decades later
These stories keep playing as if a rerun.


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  1. Bobby7L
    February 20, 2012

    Dogma leads to conflict(s).


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