Syria: Letter from Razan Zaitouneh’s mother, 1 yr after kidnapping of #Douma4

Fore more information on the #Douma4:   Originally published in French. My daughter was kidnapped in Syria a year ago: I have no solution and no more hope. Amnesty International has asked that I write about my daughter, Razan Zaitouneh. I’m neither a journalist, nor a writer, but I will write what […]

#We_Are_Prisoners: Eastern Ghouta Campaigns

   Facebook: Avaaz petition: #We_Are_Prisoners:   The civilians of Eastern Ghouta are living a humanitarian catastrophe and are experiencing a slow death due to the regime’s organized and systematic violence against the key ingredients of life. In addition to the regime’s systematic starvation campaign, civilians of Eastern Ghouta face death daily under the […]

Protests In Aleppo For A United FSA Against Enemies

Post by ‎علاء زيدان‎.       Post by ‎Die Syrische Revolution 2011 الثورة السورية – ألمانيا‎.


October 21, 2014. Kesh Malek (Checkmate) has launched an advocacy campaign explaining that the Syrian regime and The Islamic State are cut out of the same cloth, containing sarcastic material and merchandise focusing on the similarities between state, …

A Statement by the female political detainees in Damascus Central Prison (Adra)

A Statement by the female political detainees in Damascus Central Prison (Adra): Our people are suffering from great tragedies while waiting for the dawn of freedom. Ours is one of those tragedies that we endure in silence and under intentional media b…

Syrian day in Warsaw

Asia and Pacific Museum and the Committee of Action Aid celebrated the Syrian DAY in the MUSEUM OF ASIA AND THE PACIFIC in Warsaw, Poland. Saturday, 18 October, 2014 A Polish lecture  about Syrian traditions, Hijab and customs. People attended the event enjoyed tasting traditional Syrian food and trying on Syrian costumes. Event Page:

Massacre in Ein Turma, Damascus Suburbs

Since the morning, intense clashes have been ongoing on the outskirts of Ein Turma town in Damascus’s suburbs as the regime’s forces were trying to invade the area and the Free Syrian Army fighting them back. Regime’s forces then began extensively bombarding Ein Turma with mortars and artillery as a MEG warplane hovered over the […]

Syria and The International Coalition Intervention

Article first published in: In recent weeks we have seen the establishment of an USA led International coalition also composed of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qata…

Syrian Government Air Strikes Kill 20 in Daraa Province

Friday 10-10-2014: More than 20 martyrs fell in Daraa province– Tens wounded Regime’s helicopters dropped a TNT barrel on Al Harrah town in Daraa’s suburbs 6:00 a.m. in the early morning whilst families were sleeping. Buildings collapsed over the families’ heads and buried them underneath. After civilians gathered to salvage the casualties from underneath the […]

A Call for all Sides In Syria to Observe a Cease-fire During Eid

By Mouaz Kh Alhasanee

A Statement by Syrian Revolution Co-ordinations on International Strikes Led by America and Supported by some Islamic and Arab Sates

Original Statement in Arabic. “In the Name of God Most Gracious and Most Merciful Our country has been in great distress and lately the forces of what is called “International Coalition” decided to strike Islam and Muslims under the pretext of fighting “terrorism”. The coalition warplanes raided Syrian territory and targeted indiscriminately free fighters and […]

Lebanese Army Commits New Crimes against Defenseless Syrian Refugees

More than 400 Syrian refugees arrested/ tortured – At least 2 refugees martyred [News in this report will be updated as soon as activists report to us.] Lebanese Army invaded several camps in Ersal in Lebanon at 5:00 a.m. in the early morning. The camps invaded include Al Sanabel and War’a Al Jafr where most […]

VDC Press Declaration on the Strikes of the International Coalition on Syria.

Serious Fears for the Loss of Large Number of Casualties among Civilians Arabic: In the early hours of the morning of September 23, 2014, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that the United States, together with its allies, have launched a wave of military operations against targets of the Islamic State in Iraq […]

No to US airstrikes on Syria and Iraq! All support to popular movements in Syria and Iraq!

ENGLISH (French and Spanish and Arabic version follows) No to US airstrikes on Syria and Iraq! All support to popular movements in Syria and Iraq! A statement by Syrian Revolution Bases of Support As the US once more beats the drums for its “war on terror” we affirm our opposition to US/coalition airstrikes on Syria […]

An urgent appeal from Yarmouk

  From:  Palestinian camps network news union first published on Tuesday September 16th Dear Friends, I regret to inform you of the news that the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus is on the verge of a new catastrophe similar to the previous disaster which claimed the lives of around 150 residents of the camp, including […]