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Posted by on Aug 7, 2008 in Globatron

It was a pleasure to read a glowing review of the Monster Art show at the old downtown library.
As much as I would have liked to attend I didn’t.  As you all know Globatron isn’t into art about Monsters as I revealed in my first post, here.  I find the work generally shallow and lacking content.  I believe the kitschy campyness of it is full of escapism and symbolic of a general malaise of our time.

As I read the review I was struck by the image of Squiddust vs. Globatron by Clay Doran.

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The image is smart and content heavy.  It has references to current events and the fight for good vs.evil.  How the monster (society) is repressing or fighting the truth seeker (Globatron).  It reminds me of the lies we were fed in order to validate going to war in Iraq.  Squiddust to me is symbolic of the government or the man.   If I had only known that this type of high concept work was at the show I would have attended with bells and whistles and my ski mask of course.  I hear from others that the actual spot for the show in the downtown basement was a great spot for future shows which is very exciting also.  I’m proud to see Globatron illustrated in pop culture.  What’s next for Globatron?  T-shirts?  A clothing line? Only the stars can tell.

If the Squiddust series continues to progress along this path it will soon get my approval.  Keep it up Clay, you’re own your way 🙂



  1. tony
    August 7, 2008

    Did that painting sell?

  2. contributor
    August 7, 2008

    If it didnt’ I’d be surprised. It’s like living art history.

  3. markcreegan
    August 7, 2008

    very funny! The painting and the post. I am glad to see everyone seeing the humor in all this! I think Globatron should buy it!

  4. morrison
    August 7, 2008

    i was 10 beers in to artwalk before i went to the basement, saw the usual suspects mark goerge, mac truque some of the monster artists and their friends it was a great show i should have brought my camera the library has come a long way with the artwalk shows and once a gain there were at least a couple thousand people wondering around the downtown area, but like artwalks most were there to drink

    now comes the big story the missing money from the arts for the fiscal year and the instuitons that the masses seem to need but rarely support there will be big gaps of education in the future here in jax and this economy has turned it.s back on the educators and artists that bring those masses out to get drunk and make the dollar move

    and for globatron being painted by a monster artist that’s great

    looks like a bumper sticker to me order now $2.00 while supplies last

  5. i dont have a computer
    August 8, 2008

    that is a heavy ‘sub conciuos’ demonstration. I hear there is there art revolution take over to combat the sussession of art. and art in society. Its free art that you put in your pocket and trade it with people all over the world. Its outsider art, some folky some heavy but its abundant and encourages and inspires people to delete the elite and challenge individuals to use the creative side of your brain! Its like human therapy, with a positive message in hopes to break the chains of thought controll. Hopefully it can travel from school to school all over the world. I dont know what to say about those funds, but maybe we as people should not put so much fait into currency, and think outside of the box about what realy matters to us as a human society. and step outside of ourselves and put some blood sweat and tears into the future of our world, instead of having our lives bought from us at a very low cost with paper. -Dont stop asking WHY!

  6. Damon Narret
    August 11, 2008

    There is no man or society keeping you down. We choose to perceive attack thoughts. Our conflicts are inner not external. Art can be used to convey a message or represent something but it doesn’t always have to be. Make what you are compelled to make, not because you have to scapegoat something in our world that we believe we draw suffering from. A monster doesn’t have to represent war and a masked man doesn’t have to mean truth. You can choose to create something topical or something to be seen in the future, either way our symbols of symbols are all dust in the end.

  7. contributor
    August 11, 2008

    I can’t speak for Globatron, but lighten up. Really. This whole post I think was supposed to be humorous.

    I do find it funny that after Globatron did his first post it has inspired content in work that seems to have none otherwise.

    A masked man symbolizing truth? Come on. A ski masked man at that? I think if anything Globatron would really just like Jacksonville to lighten up and be able to speak openly about art. Not everyone has to agree. Not everyone has to have the same opinion.

    How can this city grow if we can’t agree to disagree?


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