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  1. contributor
    July 27, 2008

    Globatron originally read this as Mr. Rogers but his art director thought I more spoken wordish voice would work better. Do we want Mr. Rogers back?

    Globatron is stoked to bring Choken Word to the world.

    What are your thoughts, reactions?

  2. morrison
    July 27, 2008

    choken word is a better voice for globatron i see you learned the overlapping, the flag was a nice touch made it more sad to see what america has become. chinese democracy arab oil and fat twinkies with broken hearts and empty wallets the dream is dead and buried…

  3. Globatron
    July 28, 2008

    Thanks Morrison. yeah the overlapping image deal is cool. thanks for the tip and the software. glad you dug it. I’m thinking that one video image that overlaps will be iconic of the piece. i’m thinking in broad terms like cheerleading, and greed.

  4. biggie tea
    July 28, 2008

    my honest take is that it was pretty obvious. dig deeper like local issues maybe? right and wrong kind of thing is cool but i know good people that wear painted on jeans. i’m sick of division. i was much more moved by the kids playing war video games. that was meaningful. this to me was the daily show without the funny. i’m sure you love a critique like the next guy. i like this voice much better but i only watch them when the title is compelling. honesty. So good title too.

  5. Globatron
    July 29, 2008

    no that’s cool man. thanks. i don’t know where I’m going with these things. But I totatlly dig the feedback. Thanks.

    I don’t think we have enough division in this town actually. I’m sick of everyone saying we should all work together. I don’t think that’s true at all. we all have different agenda’s and taste. likes, dislikes. we don’t all have the same taste in music, art, culture. So I don’t have to be friends with everyone or pretend I want to be. Like attracts like.

    If I wanted to be everyone’s friend I’d have to swallow my thoughts and reactions to the majority of artwork made in this town. And that’s no world or city I want to live in.

    And to follow up on this post, I think hipsters are a big problem in our society. Some people believe that their celebrated apathy is symbolic of the end of culture as we know it. This months Adbusters has an interesting take on it if you’d like to read some more on the subject.

    People who care about the world and have the balls to stand up for what they believe in (or don’t believe in) will be the ones that might be able to pull this world out of the black hole it is headed for.

    Glad you dig my new voice 🙂

    Globatron out.

  6. Globatron
    July 29, 2008

    and Biggie Tea you are right, it was pretty obvious. and surface level. And I do think I should go much deeper with any more Choken Words.

    serious local cultural issues such as homelessness definitely need Globatron’s attention.

    why not write some lyrics for the next choken word biggie tea? I’m open to collaboration.

  7. tony
    July 29, 2008

    no thanks globy. don’t like the title. why would a fix gear rider listen after the first line? what is the purpose? f ing bike critique. come on. i totally disagree about division. soon we will all be divided into pro-offshore drilling and against. i think that this is this year’s special divider. at least i hope so. leave it for the evil geniuses.

    “I’m sick of everyone saying we should all work together.”

    Who said work together? bleck.

    “So I don’t have to be friends with everyone or pretend I want to be. Like attracts like.

    If I wanted to be everyone’s friend I’d have to swallow my thoughts and reactions to the majority of artwork made in this town. And that’s no world or city I want to live in.”

    who the f said that? you accuse a whole lot of people of not caring about anything but your worried about me/ people wanting to change your mind. say you like something you don’t. bleck.

    What I don’t like is general stereotyping. Especially when there is two or three descriptors. like sweater wearing private school corporate neocon. You could be all those things and not a neocon, except not when you say it this way. the next sweater wearer you see you want to punc. Is it possible that there are individuals behind each hispster (rather each pair of tight jeans) and could they not contribute in a way that you are not aware of? Are all west siders red necks? Could not an SUV driver be rescuing endangered turtles on the weekend?

    is it possible i just don’t get the project?

    globy is against people (hispsters, monster artists,etc). i can’t find value in it. just division. out

  8. Globatron
    July 29, 2008

    I sort of think division is healthy Tony. Generalization. Well there are generalizations for a reason. For instance they are generalized because the bulk of a particular group act or participate in a general activity.

    Yeah Globatron ain’t digging on the hipsters or the monsters. That’s affirmative. Anything that is generally apathetic is my enemy.

    It’s possible you don’t just get the project. Not many do. To me this is a project that allows me to speak my mind. It’s cathartic. It’s free therapy.

    Everyone is saying work together. I think that is generally your mantra isn’t it Tony? Well Globy tried that for two years and realized how far that got him. Now I’m living the by the opposite philosophy. Know what you believe in. Stand up for it. Speak up for it.

    And if folks don’t like it, oh well. They can speak up for what they believe in. It’s a free world that way. Now for the hipsters who care and want to save the world I apologize. I love your pants. I just can’t fit in them anymore.

    Globatron is a movement. It’s okay if you don’t get it. It’s the first in a series too so maybe you’ll dig the next one.

  9. tony
    July 29, 2008

    there are generalizations for reasons and i think they all suck. life is full of individuals. i don’t like lumping people.

    fair enough.

    its your project… just defending the pants that can’t defend themselves.

    ps- i think you’ve done alot. i’m glad you’re not satisfied..

  10. markcreegan
    July 30, 2008

    This is not a criticism as much as an observation based on my own life.
    The characteristics of others we abhor arise out of a recognition of the existence of those same characteristics in ourselves. Its possible and important for personal growth to understand that the “things i like” are just “things i like” and not superior to others’ likes. This is not important just for pc reasons but also because I always want to be open to influences. It takes a village to raise intelligence (especially mine).

    That being said, it is important for someone like globy to say “this is what i like”, for me, since i want to be open to considering his “likes”. Plus, i understand the imperative to do so when it seems that one’s interests/viewpoints are in the minority. The key is we ALL think our interests are in the minority (this adheres to our vision of our own “coolness”).

    My POV on the topic of apathy: its been around forever, my generation, past, present also. NOW, i perceive less apathy among the youths due to the excitement over Obama. Of course, to someone else’s POV, this excitement is just fashion and fad expressions of the same ol’ apathy. eye of the dang beholduh, bruthas.

  11. markcreegan
    July 30, 2008

    But, lets assume globy’s generalization (average of characteristcs?) of hipsters is correct. What are we saying are the negative points? General apathy? emphasis on style over substance? materialism? (all things that i think could apply to any age group or cultural identity in this country). Okay, assuming for a moment that generalized assessment is absolutely correct: I still do not think that necessarily results in deleterious effects.

    Case in point: Baby-Boomers.

    A safe generalization is that young baby boomers (in the 60s) were some of the least apathetic citizens in our nation’s history. This is due to looking at the student anti-war protests, civil rights movement, feminism, gay rights, etc. Certainly, not ALL boomers had the aspirations that their generation’ shared values was destined to change society for the better, but many did and worked toward that goal.

    I am opening myself up to getting my head chopped off, but I think another safe generalization is that many of those same boomers turned out to live, in later years, according to values that have a huge negative impact on society (hyper-individualism and materialism, apathy, antipathy towards the “other”, etc.). Of course, what would be the result of a generation’s inspiring heroes being fucking assassinated, a war that lingered on for years despite protests, and a capitalist system hell bent on making us dependent on STUFF!

    I guess my point is we have to wait and see what is in store. apathy is a fluid thing, even within the history of a single generation.

  12. contributor
    July 30, 2008

    Bravo Mark.

    What I absolutely love about JaxCAL is the circle of logic we usually get out of some of these posts. Thanks Mark for turning this back around to a very thought provoking theme or issue in society and history.

    You have very solid points here. Very solid. Hipsters could be the next Baby-Boomers. Who is to know what will become of them in two decades. A decade even.

    The thing about bringing up these points is that one has to be able to feel open and free to speak one’s mind. Especially in a free society. This city tends to repress free speech for some reason. Even among it’s creatives which I find is odd. That’s why I like Globatron. I think he sort of cuts through the red tape. I’m looking forward to seeing what his next Choken Word addresses. He has given me hints but it’s still sort of vague.

    Maybe Obama will be all that is needed to inspire that generation. He definitely has inspired me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  13. contributor
    August 1, 2008

    Interesting link to go along with this topic:

    Globatron actually read this Adbusters before doing this post so I’d like everyone to know he’s not alone in his “generalizations”.

    Globatron does not think all hipsters are apathetic and does believe that there is hope for that generation. Just to clarify.

  14. contributor
    August 1, 2008

    And another note, I just wanted to point out this really thoughtful reply to the article in Adbusters by a hipster. Very interesting indeed. The fact that most hipsters are vegetarian and ride bikes (another generalization but a positive one) is super positive and definitely not apathetic.


    Ok. I’m a little angry about this article, but I’m not going to start flaming all over the place just because I can. I have a couple of problems with this article that I’m going to present here. Because I can, and because I believe in being constructive.

    First of all, I am repulsed by the fact that in a way, the author does exactly one of the things he attacks about hipsterdom… all throughout the article, there is this barrage of pointing out what is wrong with hipsters and their “culture,” and does so from the perspective of being “outside looking in.” He says, “I’m not a hipster” by doing so. But then, the last two paragraphs, he starts using “we” all the time. And it’s the last two paragraphs that are written more poetically, more elegantly, finding beauty in tragedy. If you’re not going to include yourself in the bad stuff, you don’t get to be a part of the beautiful part of your article.

    Second, this focuses on the incredibly superficial aspects of hipsterdom that have ad infinitum and ad nauseum plagued popular culture in Western Civilization. Yeah, these kids (I’ll actually say “us kids,” because I think anyone who saw me on the street would lump me in) are superficial, obsessed with looking cool and blah blah blah. Maybe it’s me, but that seems to be a defining description of every teen and twenty-something that has come before me. Let’s face it. Hipster “culture” has become big enough to be considered mainstream. So now it just has to suffer from the vacuousness that comes from that.

    And you know something? Hipster culture is not remotely as ineffectual as it is being made out to be here. Lots of them ride fixed-gears, it’s true. Even more ride SOME kind of bike. But, the last time I checked, we have a huge environmental crisis that was caused by… what was it? Oh. Driving cars. And these kids aren’t driving cars. They’re not riding buses, or subways. They’re getting around with their bodies, which produce no environmentally detrimental waste. What’s another good thing hipsters have done for the world? Well, it seems to me that a good deal of them are vegetarians. Many are even vegans. I don’t feel the need to point out why those are good things.

    And it is disgusting to insist that hipsters are creating nothing new. They make clothes, they start collectives, they make media, and their eclectic taste in music has led to the musical mash-up genre.

    A lot of these points have already been made by others posting here, so I’m sorry for being repetitive. But hey, it’s a comments section, right?

    And also, I know I started referring to hipsters as “they” instead of “we” and “us.” It just sort of happened that way. I resign myself to the criticism that is due, I suppose.

  15. markcreegan
    August 1, 2008

    yesyes this is interesting. Yesterday NPR’s talk of the nation or day to day had as a topic hidden prejudices. The guest said most if not all of us have them in some form. He mentioned the common phenomena of “out-group homogeneity” which is a common fallacy we make lumping all of a certain group according to stereotypes. We all make this mistake at some point or another, most intelligent people come around to the logic that there is more heterogeneity in each group. I am sure out-group homogeneity, while an error, stems from our own deep-seeded tribalist tendencies.

    people who use out-group homogeneity are ALL STUPID!!… ha ha get it? im making a humor..well trying ta.

  16. Tony
    August 1, 2008

    They also wear recycled pants.


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