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Gay marriage. Abortion. Iran. North Korea.
Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter.
Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook.
War. Terror. And the bombs bursting in air.

We are so distracted by the simple things. Simple wings
and a beer. Watch the game, have no fear. I want to live forever.
The singularity is near. But “The End Days” are nearer. Live Long and
Prosper. As Jon and Kate got hate.

As internet stalkers email and comment and attack characters
that don’t even exist. Fakebook permits. A fake universe where people
make up fake profiles to spew hatred and sling mud because they
are empty under the hood. Because they got no goods.

Tweet this. There’s a revolution going on. And it’s not right here
in America. It’s everywhere. Obama is a fever that has caught
like no bird flu ever knew. By staying calm and collected the man got elected.
And now he’s sticking to his guns. We are no axis of evil. We are just plain people.

As doors are getting kicked in. As journalists are getting boxed in. The revolution
is being tweeted and no coverage could ever be more free and immediate and NOW.
NOW, Journalism is a course being taught in schools which can never beat
a bloody text message from the street.
That, can never be tested. That, can never be bested.

As more teeth are getting kicked in, we ask, “Who is going to win?”

As seen on CNN. As seen on Twitter. As seen on Facebook. As seen on iReport.
As I change the channel. Jon and Kate separate.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    June 23, 2009

    Bravo! love it, it’s got mad rhythm, and of course the content is top rate.


  2. Logocentric
    June 24, 2009

    they said that the revolution would not be televised. but i don’t know about that. i feel that there is an energy out there that is unlike the airwaves our parents’ generation felt decades ago (400 dead in Vietnam this week, for example) but which is nonetheless very detectable to us today. yet i am skeptical of that which i cannot personally verify. and so, perhaps, is the rest of rational world. so i look on with caution, hoping that technology stands for the many at least as much as it stands for the few. and if it does, then i raise my fist. but the question remains, whose revolution is this that we see broadcast on the screen? who are these people, and do we stand for them? we are the imperialists. and to separate from that identity is a very grave and deep decision. what is the measure of identifying with the oppressed? how do we define that?

  3. globatron
    June 24, 2009

    Great questions Logocentric. Ones I believe everyone should be asking themselves. I’m not sure if there are any specific answers though. They could seem too personal.

    An interesting exercise would be too look at what the House and Congress passed and see if it parallels with your thoughts on the matter. They intend to represent the American people, are they doing so?

    I personally think we should stay out of it as much as possible. If we did not learn anything from past wars democracy and freedom can not be forced upon a people. It must be taken by the people. Now of course there are limits to human rights and when genocide begins it’s a whole other issue.

    But we seem able to turn a blind eye to genocide in third world countries pretty easily so maybe even that doesn’t need the policing of our super power. The threat of nuclear weapons hangs over our heads as a way to threaten any people into submission. I for one would like to break the war machine. Like in Star Trek when Kirk was being tested and he broke Spock’s test by being completely irrational.

    There are arguments that wars are actually rational and can be computed through algorithms, the outcomes at least. What if we turned all our military might into food, and education incentives. What if we decided that Iran and North Korea were our friends and all they needed was a big hug? I know it sounds silly. But what if? Same with any rogue state. We could turn the cheek and see if it works. It worked with Ghandi. It worked with MLK. Many a prophet have spoken of acting like this not just Jesus. If we did we might be surprised how far away “The End Days” and the rapture really are. If we don’t I believe we’re gambling with the future of humanity.


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