Wedding Vows

these words will find their place.
a space between the beats
replete with distance and sync
to repeat. sound travels.
it is spoken and forevermore.
vibrating through our core.
infinity, disguised by dark matter.
a web of wild west spiders, building.
spinning our tales and learning.
traveling time and bending souls.
this is the exploration we live for.
the dark and the light unite.
to make up what we see despite
not seeing. not knowing. not feeling.
the mystery is God.
How can we know him
when we are him?
when he is not owned by them.
for we are within
the same system. the rip in
the black and the white holes connected.
infinite umbilical chords giving birth
to entire galaxies. the death
of and the birth of everything.
at once. together. forever.
till death do us start.



  1. crystl37
    November 15, 2010

    I love this Byron!

  2. Byron King
    November 15, 2010

    thank you Angie. you are too kind. i think the reading added a lot to it. my mom even liked it.


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