The Tyranny of the King

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Tyranny of the King by byron-king

We didn’t want the king so we went to war.
We didn’t want taxes and now we are poor.
Today we watch as a prince and princess are wed.
Across the pond, pomp and circumstance is led
Down the streets that enslaved us from a distance.
Now England is our best ally when we need assistance.
The 13 colonies fought hard for freedom, make no mistake.
Now social wars continue inside these 50 broken states.
Now we mass import Chinese sweatshop products and plastic.
After we fought a war in Korea and a war in Vietnam
To keep the spread of communism from our children.
We chose our freedom to choose to win or lose.
Then our banks were bailed out and main street was fooled.
Corporate greed we sold out to instead of any king.
No universal health care for this country but today we sing
The Queen’s songs on this magical day.
No culture of our own, we have proved Britain’s colony today.
No royal family of our own to bow down to.
We still respect the crown and watch with eyes unglued.

No matter the blood spilled in past to have this view.
We still need a king and a slave trade too.


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