The Hunt

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Featured, Headline, Peace, Survival

Tribes holding tight to tradition.
Stone aged warriors hunting boar.
Bare chested women preparing for
tonight’s feast.
Ring nosed and ancient.
Skin tight, muscled agents.

Singing stories of ghosts and spirits,
and the magic of the animals.
All speaking unique tongues.
Tribes living next to each other.
Territory not marked but known.
Land connected by skull and bone.

A young warrior yells, “My father’s father and my father
hunted this land and I will hunt this land too”.

On another land, smart phones sever
community streaming data
where point and click hunting is done.
Tools and food delivered from
warehouses thousands of miles away.
Skin stretched and muscles staid.

Preparing for eternity in a world on a precipice.
Exploring galaxies light years away
modern man stands ready to embark.
Readying to start anew.
Trying to halt the inevitable.
Growing too quickly.
Taking too much.
Thirsting for more and more to touch.

Leaving the tribes to hunt.


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