Riding Fixies

Posted by on Feb 24, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Featured, Revolution

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Sitting in our homes, blocked off in our foam
environment. Contained and reclaimed.
All physical friends long gone.
Memories from childhood gone wrong.
When we all drove our separate ways.
Relocating across country to follow our dreams.
Trying to stay in touch but it never seems
to happen, the way we want it to.

We all have now ventured online.
We all have built up our digital tribes.
Many collecting friends like pennies.
Hoarding them in bottles for hard times to cash in.
To shoot a tweet or message of a loss or a win.
There is a new generation that has only known this.
Has never known life before a text messaged hug or kiss.
And they do not question.
They have adapted and will reinvent.
They will find that the tribe they built has no limits.
Because they are tribe builders. Leaders of connection.

Paradigm shifted so quickly they knew no reflection
of how the good old days were before all of this.
They areĀ geotagging their status updates as we reminisce.
They are blogging the next big invention. Are you listening?
Their tribes form and collapse at will with intention.
Passion depleted and grown as quickly as political campaigns.
Beliefs and hopes killed like terrorists’ bombs on planes.
The revolution will be on facebook. It will be liked and
shared on an iPad. Making a text message donation
to a cause or a fad.

Drinking beer, ridingĀ fixies while whistling dixie.


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