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If they are watching
they better prepare
For our history contains
little mercy
for our own species
War is all we do well

We will learn to jump space
and appear into
their atmosphere
as our physics solves
the riddle of where
and how to survive

If they come here
they better burn everything
Wipe us off this rock
Destroy all DNA
If not we will rebuild
from nothing
Single-celled vengeance
multiplied and cooked

The math
will be solved again
As the story of enemies
are retold over campfires
weaved into new religions

If they strike
they better fill us with fear
with power so godlike we
never dare
fight back
They better be like nothing
we have ever seen

No way we can compare
them to any life here
No way to make them
the other
No way to train detachment
from the target
No way to see them as us
No way to find empathy
for their world

Because if we can
kill them
we will learn how to
make it a sport
Harvest their skins
as they hide from us
Hunting the water
flowing through
their veins


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