Never too close

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Too close to it.
Too close to it.
Too close to it.

I want to reflect on the ending of the Iraq War.
What the hell did we fight it for?
No weapons of mass destruction found.
But we did find billions in contracts to stick around.

To rebuild what we blew up.
To grow democracy, corrupt.
So many families broken beyond repair.
On both sides there was nothing sacred, nothing fair.

IEDs blowing off legs.
RPGs splattering flesh like eggs.
Drones firing on collateral damage.
Abu Ghraib’s tortured prisoner sandwich.

And the lies, God the lies.
As politicians squirm and hide
the billions in no-bid contracts given
to secret back room deals never to be forgotten.

Not this time.
This war will be remembered.
The death of the innocent both soldier and citizen
Will not be in vain.

This war will be a harbinger of sorrow.
To show the example of what might come
when our world leaders are not held accountable.
They will try and do it again.

And what will we say?
We are never too close to it.
What precedent will we show to make them pay
for the lives lost yesterday, tomorrow, today?


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  1. Bobby7L
    December 16, 2011

    Tribal conflict does the dogmatic-driven war between the West and Iran..and there’s the oil..

    good read


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