In Your Eyes

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a note in one’s hand.
tucked away to be read again.
words to remind one of love.
a time before the world begin to boil.
when children were tucked into bed from above.
so much food children did not eat.
a time when children would rather have treats
than to eat a good dinner.

now years later i unfold this letter.
tucked in my pocket i re-read its warning.
i think of the life i have lived within.
how i have shut off from everything again.
turned a blind eye from all the death.
walked over bodies to seek food with less.
this letter was written before all of this.

now i can look back and read fully.
the warning that was told with love.
a father hoping to help guide and help steer.
even from death his words help make this clear.
as this was all predicted for many many decades.
even back then humanity struggled.
all the writing was on the wall.

but as soon as one wall fell another grew tall.
food and water did become scarce.
oil prices did rise over night as we drove from place to place.
vehicles were abandoned along the highways.
now used as shelters for plants and strays.
unemployment the norm everything closed down.
no one knew how to farm or use their hands.

clicking a mouse did not help grow real food on land.
the grid went down as the note did warn.
my father told me to take joy in the moment.
i now know we are the last generation.
no new children born into this once great nation.
i sit here on this mountain watching this sunrise.
the clouds are beautiful dad, as i think of your eyes.

A response to: Letter to the Last Generation


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