I am Average

Posted by on May 4, 2014 in 2014, Choken Word, Featured

Muslim protesters

I am your average
minority lesbian woman
who loves her family.
Works hard.
Pulls her own weight.

I’m looking for fair pay.
I’m looking for immigration
reform in anyway.
So I can see my parents
before they die.

I want to marry the partner I love.
I want equality in every way.
Not just a little bit.
No crumbs from
the new Jim Crow.
I pay taxes.
I feed many mouths.

I don’t want to be sort of equal.
We are currently experiencing a sequel
for the soul of equality in America.
Now, many say if you
don’t love it, leave it, go away.
Go back to your home country.
You’re not needed here anyway.
It is the red scare, all over.
I see the hate the communists now ‘bear’
down on anyone who speaks out.
I see gays being beaten
on the global news, where we
can view what might be coming.

But I am. We are. Here.
And I am not just the voice
I speak through today.
For I this voice is trapped in
a straight white man’s body.
Who believes in my needs.
Who wants me to have a choice.
Who wants my voice to be heard.

I speak for all who thought
Roe v. Wade was history.
That the Voting Rights Act
was a distant victory.
That we were all progressing towards
a time where we could be seen as one.

I speak through him,
so you know that we all vote.
No matter what skin tone or body
I might inhabit when I emote.

I’m straight. I’m male.
I’m female. I’m gay. I’m transgender.
I’m everything at once because
I’m proud to say…
America made me that way.
Melted all together.
From the same simmering pot of diversity
that made us what we are.

I see your pain as mine.
I feel all suffering.
I speak to stop it.
For all that is divine and holy.
In order to form a more perfect matrimony,
insure Justice, insure domestic tranquility.
We seek the sublime.


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