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If I could push you an upgrade.
Straight into your data stream.
Gray matter, matters.
Lack of intelligence, matters.
Lack of intellect, matters.

All the books I’ve read.
All the documentaries.
Topics on Culture. Society. Evolution.
All the stories of tribalism.
War and pollution.

How mankind has always battled ideas.
Ideas that don’t exist.
All the creation stories.
To show how a creator is our common thread.
To show how we are one tribe.
One race, that migrated out of Africa.

To let you know, no one is taking away your country.
No one is taking away your religion or guns.
No one is taking away your identity.
That your country does not even exist.
Because we can never truly own anything.
We can never take anything with us.
Because you are disappearing a little as you read this.

If I could push you an upgrade
it would be open source.
Globally upgradeable. Free.
To make you not see race.
To make you see ONE human face.
Each one different but collective.
Love our common directive.

You would understand quicker. Faster.
Search the past and look for facts.
Not to seek hate but to relate.
Using empathy where there is discord.
If I could only push you an upgrade.

Written for Dana King


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