Go Ahead, Make My Day

Posted by on Apr 8, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, Featured, Peace, Transhumanism

my cells have been scanned.
for there is a genetic map on them.
i can rearrange them at will.
wake up and become the avatar i feel.
today i am all women.
dressed plainly but all Marilyn.
all her many vectors and shapes.
the math of her body forever saved.
for an eternity of souls to make.
i’m wearing a red dress too.
a hint of lavender, a hint of blue.

tomorrow i will be pure butch.
try on a little Eastwood, maybe too much.
be a real man in a real man’s world.
walk through town with my fists curled.
maybe you’ll look at me the wrong way.
go ahead punk, make my day.
who are we really I sometimes say.

we are genetically modified DNA.
our origin stamped on us to our dismay.
for no matter what shape i take now.
your eyes can see my identity somehow.
for we are all part of the same hive mind.
you look at me and know my kind.
you can trace my genetics through the tree.

you see the villages mankind pillaged.
you see the pilgrimage we took to sea.
how we barely survived the famines to be
the shape shifters sitting here before thee.
you see how my kind made it off our rock.
how we slowly joined the intergalactic flock.

how we united our minds and hearts.
now you know our pop culture and arts.
i see you as you wear your Sunday’s best.
i see your code as it runs the identification tests.
you are a light being from another star.
you have chosen to take on no shape so far.
oh how much i have to learn from you.
i am so glad we both can share this view.



  1. Andrew B.
    April 8, 2011

    I like the way you think! It’s wild!

  2. Byron King
    April 9, 2011

    thanks mate. i am trying to let my mind drift. i like the idea of merging science fiction and posthumanism concepts into poetry. sci-fi poetry almost. it’s helping me now. i’d rather not try and help save this planet anymore through my work. i’d rather focus on saving myself. that was always my first intention but then i guess i began to feel that through art i could make a larger impact in the world than i really could.


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