Frozen and Thawed

Posted by on Dec 3, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Featured, Spirituality, Truth

I see 23
A dozen times a day.
The more at peace the more I see.
I am a man with a mask stumbling astray.

His face too scarred for people to see.
His arm too limp to use freely.
Who sees his reality
Frozen and thawed

From the outside looking in.
I wonder if we are free?
Many would say God is Love or God is One.
Some say that God is a disease.

It all began with a huge explosion.
What match lit the flame?
Who birthed the God that sparked the boom?
Are there Gods of our God that loom?

Many say God is not to know but to feel.
That feeling is all that is real.
God is just a word created by humanity.
Used often to start wars over land.

Supported by the word’s origin.
We forget that like a dream it will be over.
Will our waking dreams becomeĀ lucid?
Will we become our own saviors?

I see another 23.
It is now 3:23.
Is this a signpost put out
To view as I pass along my route

Or is this a glitch in my program?
A software bug for lack of RAM.
AnĀ Easter egg left for those who see
The truth, to some degree.



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