Daddies Don’t Let your Girls Grow Up

Posted by on May 30, 2015 in 2015, Choken Word, Fear, Featured, Peace


I tell them to run fast. To be strong. To show up. To do things fully.

I see a time when I can’t help them. When I’m no longer here. It makes me think of masters degrees and PhDs. For their future should always be in education. Of using their minds to lift themselves up from conflict, when I’m gone.

I can’t help but see them as projects. If only I could make them into super heroes, I would give them many gifts. First off, I’d make them masters of science and engineering. Trained in gymnastics and parkour. Gifted blockers and strikers with multiple black belts. To form the perfect skill set, picked off a comic book shelf. Created by Marvel and DC. I would customize their talents to beat any enemy. So that they are proud to live with their last name, KING. To always look out for the little guy. To always use their skills in the noble fight. For justice and inequality.

This Summer they will choose typical children’s activities for they are two girls learning a little each day. Not super human in any way. Not knowing what evils they might face. Maybe they will do skateboarding camp. Maybe acting. More dance. We aren’t sure yet. There is hope and there is chance. I look forward to to their progress.

As a dad, I want them to learn how to fight on the ground. How to outsmart any man they meet in college or town. I would give them the ability to beat any disease. To heal quickly. The intelligence to learn any language and adapt to different cultures as if they were native. I want them to be native. Connected to ancient ways. Ancient ancestry. Able to build a fire in the damp and breeze. Also highly technical, to sync up screens and bring down fighter drones with their own custom code with ease. Loading. Loading. Buffering.

I want them to be all of these things. But above all, I want them to be happy. Loved. Secure. Always secure. Definitely secure. And never need any of the talents I listed above ,other than education. Because life should be simple. Daddies don’t let your girls grow up to be super heroes. ‘Cos they’ll never be home and they’re always alone. Even with someone they love.


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