Coming out of the Fog

Posted by on Jan 23, 2015 in 2015, Choken Word, Fear, Featured, Peace


When you think that the odds are against you.
When you think that you can’t do a thing.
Think about Charlie Hebdo.
Think about Sandy Hook Elementary.
Think about the lost soldiers and civilians
massacred for no sane name.
Think about all the hunger.
All the displaced refugees.
Who wander the world blindly
only wanting to return to home.
Think about the rights we speak of.
The right to say what you want.
Think about the courage it takes to come out
in a country that will kill you.
To speak up.
To be present.
To be your true self.
Think about how far we’ve come.
Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Pope Francis
And how far we have to go.
#BlackLivesMatter #JeSuisCharlie
Think about your ability to think.
How we communicate ideas.
When you think the odds are against you
because they probably are.
Try to remember to think,
because it matters,
because you can,
until the last breath you whisper.
THINK: Until your mind is sand.


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