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I’m sorry I got laid off.
I’m sorry I had to relocate.
I’m sorry I had to sleep on a couch for 15 months.
I’m sorry I did not take your battles seriously.

I thought you would come to your senses.
I thought you realized we were all struggling.
I thought you would get past your partisan dogma.
I thought you would work for the people.

I’m sorry I chose to work for my family.
I’m sorry I tried to keep my health care.
I’m sorry I got sick and needed chemo.
I’m sorry I did not invest in your corrupt markets.

I thought taking care of my family was more important.
I thought you would take care of us.
I thought you would feel our collective pain.
I thought you would put the CEOs and bankers in prison.

I’m sorry I wrote poetry instead of taking action.
I’m sorry I worked digitally instead of physically.
I’m sorry my generation hides inside video games.
I’m sorry we did not continue the fight after the election.

I watch the news and it is no good.
Headlines stream by and continue to replicate.
News of a country falling apart.
Politicians use the Bible to split and divide.
Taking verses out of context to hide
The issues that bring us together.
How we are all in need of our inalienable rights.
That the constitution was written quickly despite
So many varying views in one room.
That our government was nimble and quick.
That politicians could disagree and still stick
To being honorable men we could all respect.

I think of the future of this country.
It is bleak and there is no more peak.
No more waiting for the markets to rebound.
The markets will not exist because they will have twisted
The knife that has been held to our throats.
Pay your bills and the interest rates.
Hungry hounds will be walking the streets.
Roach farms we will raise to eat.
No more hormone fattened chicken meat.
No more enslaved countries to threaten and beat.

I see the death of America
As I purchase my first home.
As I begin grad school.
As I finally buy into the American dream.
The one my parents taught me.
Get a good education.
Buy a home.
And the good life goes on.

(in response to Allen Ginsberg’s “America“)


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